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Mythological-type bird at centre of abstract composition

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-Pick out who you are-

58 various types of figures/characters lined up in five rows. A sampling as follows: A seated rabbit holding a cup; a rat smoking a cigarette; several nude women; a mule, wearing a mask, standing upright; a figure with a sheet draped over itself; numerous figures wearing trousers and jackets with heads of animals or heads ressembling aliens

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Under the Church Sundial, Tourrettes

Sunlit square in front of a church with a sundial. Two women seated in the foreground under the shade of a tree while in the mid-ground, to the right, a woman is traversing left to right with a basket on her head. Two other women are sitting on a ledge by the church under the sundial.

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#72 (Volume 1)

Full length portrait of a faceless doll. The doll's chest is partially exposed. A long piece of lacing is looped through holes on either side of chest and drapes to the floor

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Rustic Condominiums with Optional Ice Sculptures

Pre-fabricated, modular, wooden log, highrise condominums decorated with ice sculptures: nude torso, horse's head, bird, flower, house key and pipe. TV antennas are mounted on the roofs of several of the houses. There is a stuffed moose head mounted on the wall in one of the units. Sticker people, most of which are wearing winter clothing representing First Nations and European settlers, are adhered in the windows of the building.

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Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

Work is composed of Sigmund Freud's essays in England lined sequentially in 21 framed panels. Each panel contains three double pages that have been drawn over with intimate, serial paintings of commonplace objects. Common to all 21 panels, are top and bottom images of apples and pears in stages of ripeness and decay.

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Abstract composition

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Design for a Ceiling with Angels and Putti Bearing Emblems of the Passion

Design for a Ceiling with Angels and putti bearing the Emblems of the Passion

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The Death of the Stag of Sylvia

Mythological scene; slain stag at bottom centre; woman at left of stag pulling arrow from animal's body; men, women, and cherubs surround central figures; numerous cherubs hover above

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St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata

At centre, young woman gazing upward at dove above her head; two people at left of woman and one person crouching at right

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The Agony in the Garden

Mythological winged figure at left, chalice in right hand; kneeling figure in flowing robes at right; cluster of three figures at bottom left

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Sunrise on Percé Rock

Sun rising on a calm sea against large rock formations on the left; several sailboats at anchor or with set sail; in foreground - a manned sailboat departs from a dock while 3 figures look on; 3 rowboats beached on shore; table and a few barrels at right

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A Halfcast with his Wife and Child

A family is depicted on a river bank. The man and child are standing and holding hunting implements. The woman is seated and smoking a pipe.

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Voyageurs Resting at the Portage

Group of voyageurs resting on the shore at the portage. Two canoes are pulled up on the shore.

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La Cloche Landscape of Cranberry Lake Looking East

This is a double-sided work. Cranberry Lake, Ontario in the foreground with La Cloche Hills rising up from its shoreline. The sky is heavily clouded. On the reverse is a landscape with mountains.

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Head and shoulders self-portrait of William Hind

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Portrait of Gertrude Leduc

Portrait bust of a young girl, Gertrude Leduc, the artist's niece

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