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Earth Wagons

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Work consists of four parts installed as follows: an ornate gold leaf frame holds a black and white photograph which is from a 1920's National Geographic magazine. The photograph depicts a waist-length portrait of a woman in a black dress wearing a white bonnet. She is cutting a loaf of bread. To the right, is a mahagony shelf on which the silver tray sits on its edge, leaning against the wall.

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Word Warrior

Sculptural drawing executed on shaped paper which has been hand coloured with charcoal, conte and pastel. Surreal composition depicting a man with a quiver of arrows on his shoulder. Strewn over the left side of his back are the following letters of the alphabet which have been cut out of paper: LENPVWI and over the right side of his back:MKRN. The man appears to be scaling a wall-like structure. At the base of the wall, on a platform, is a mask-like face on which the letter E has been placed. On the face are several birds as well as several more throughout the composition. The platform is supported paper columns.

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Canning Table

18 canning jars on a brown, wooden table. The jars contain buttons and wax and blue wax has been melted and allowed to drip over the top and along the sides of the jar. The jars are in 9 pairs, joined together at the top with a decorative button clasp-with-chain.

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New Model for Measurement

Brass sculpture using rounded and straight forms. The sculpture rests on a strip of felt within a box. The lid, also with a strip of felt inside it, is placed beside the box.

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Pocket Books for the Queen Bee

Sixteen evening bags, which have been covered in beeswax, arranged on two semi-circle, wooden tables. Each evening bag contains various found objects which are also covered in beeswax.

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Two Books

Two purses, 'Black Slices Book' and 'Prayer Book', each mounted on a wooden table. One purse contains various found objects such as eyeglasses, women's net hat, black and white photograph, book. The other purse contains such items as fabric, a glove, gold thread, small vase with artificial flowers, black and white photograph and a newspaper clipping. Adhered to the exterior of this purse, is a 45 r.p.m. record with a gorilla glued to it.

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Honey Bee Telephone Directory

Telephone directory composed of beeswax and honey with yellow jackets mounted on a table. The directory consists of two halves. A sequinned evening bag which has been covered in beeswax is on a shelf under the top of the table. A cushionned chair is placed in front of the table. Inside the evening bag is a tube of lipstick and a stamp bearing the words "Queen Bee". The stamp is made from wax

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Four Books

4 portfolios or "books" each mounted on a wooden table. Each "book" is covered in beeswax to which various found objects have been adhered. As well each "book" contains various found objects inside. One book (G-92-195a) has a plastic doll's head adhered to the exterior and contains such objects such as a ceramic statue, drapery hooks, corn husks, Christmas ornament in the shape of a plastic angel, a motor, necklace and glitter. The second book (G-92-195b) has part of a woman's corset adhered to the exterior and a wooden, removable-type sofa leg. Interior of the book contains portions of tape measures glued to the inside, a black and white photograph, feathers and strips of 35 mm negative film. The third book, (G-92-195c) has a gas mask, plastic necklace, metal and wood pipe, feather, and paper on the inside embedded in beeswax. The fourth book, (G-92-195d), has secured to the exterior part of a necktie, tie-pin, metal objects, metal door hinge, pipe, necklace and compass. The inside of the book contains 2 paintings on glass depicting a deer in a landscape in black silhouette and zippers of varying length

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Calling Down the Northern Lights at Lac Lou

Work consists of three sleds entitled "Sky", "Bottle" and "Shoe". The sled, "Sky", supports a large deep blue sail which functions as a backdrop for the other sleds which are placed side by side before it. The sleds, "Bottle" and "Shoe", carry objects enclosed in Plexiglas cases. The "Bottle" sled contains glass canning jars. Inside each jar, is a green, light-emitting diode. The "Shoe" sled contains two pairs of pink satin ballet slippers on a base of pink wavy ruffle fabricated out of wood.

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Windcatcher I

Weathervane composed of a deer skull mounted on a wooden post set in a bed of stones in a wooden base. Feathers adorn the top, pieces of wood and a chain act as windchimes, strips of black cloth act as streamers.

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Desire in the Age of Tobacco

Sculptural drawing executed on bent and shaped paper. Surreal composition depicting beetle-like insects in various sizes, together with leaves. There are two very large beetles, one of which is draped over the edge of the pedestal. On some of the beetles and leaves, the artist has written letters of the alphabet and the occasional number.

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Plum Jam: Shelf I

Secured to the top of a stainless steel kidney dish, is a steel mesh frame. On the mesh frame, is a fabricated plum. The top portion of a lavender stocking encases part of the plum, with the leg and toe portion draped on top of the mesh frame. An altered surgical instrument, ressembling a pair of tweezers, also rests on the mesh frame. The tweezer end is holding a ball of iron filings

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Square of wax inlaid with buttons, rectangular raised portion at centre which is surrounded by cardboard.

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A plaster roundel with a head and shoulders profile portrait of a young girl.

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Dr. Ferdinand Eckhardt

Head of Dr. Ferdinand Eckhardt mounted on granite base

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Mummy figure is the central image. A large sleeping bag, wrapped in strips of stained cotton, is the core of the mummy, with cloth and twine dipped in wax, and a coating os asphalt, complete the figure. The mummy is mounted on a masonite and cedar frame. The collage work on the frame includes canvas, a cross-like bar and highlights of red and black paint.

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Woman dressed in long and flowing Grecian style garment. She is holding a quiver of arrows in her right arm and a bow in her left.

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Untitled (mirror, lunchboxes) 1-3A

Three metal lunchboxes and a mirror on an brushed aluminum wood shelf which is secured to a wall

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one minute managers V-1

Five medicine balls and five stock pots on a plastic laminated wood shelf which is secured to a wall

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Sculptural drawing executed on shaped paper which has been hand-coloured with charcoal, conte and pastel. Surreal composition whose primary image is a howling wolf in profile. Superimposed on the side of the wolf, just below the head, is a vase with a rose and leaves in it. Behind the wolf, are tall buildings and a crescent moon. On the right side of the image is an arm reaching down. Along the bottom of the work, is another vase with flowers. Also along the bottom of the work, are three fingers.

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Head of a Springer Spaniel

Head of a springer spaniel mounted on a wooden base

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Vehicle/Passage Splice with Blue Neon

Sculpture lays flat on the floor. Sculpture consists of a long, narrow component, with steel at either end and blue neon in the middle. A coiled piece of steel cable in the shape of a circle, to which a wheel has been attached, lays next to it. A semi-circular piece of steel lays within the circle of steel cable.

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Two Sinks with Fossils

Two, four-legged sinks between which are placed, on the floor, two steel slabs, representing 'fossils'.

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Thinking Caps (blue)

Four, blue cotton caps in various lengths

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