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Irregular rectangular shaped form, highly polished

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Nude female torso

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Woman with Bangs

Female head with long, brown hair; straight bangs across forehead; brown eyes

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Woman with Hair Tied Down

Head of woman with brown hair parted at centre and pulled back away from face

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Bare Headed Man

Man's face; brown hair; receding hairline; long sideburns

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Man with White Hat and Head Band

Male face with blue eyes; white, banded hard hat; brown hair

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Pincushion Man (Wearing Brush Cut, Listening - for - Buffalo Mask)

Fiberglass mold of helmeted man in jacket and pants, gloves and boots, lying on stomach on harrow; pins in head; landscape on clothing and face; man and harrow reflected in mirrored Plexiglas base

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War Between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness

Abstraction of two figures, face-to-face, in lunging positions, arms about each other's head and shoulders

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John A. MacAulay

Head of John A. MacAulay; eyes downcast

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Breast Nest Pressers for the Perching Birds of Canada

A wood cabinet with four large sections composed of 182 detachable cloth eggs of various sizes used for moulding the inside of nests; Beneath is a narrow shelf for bird manuals, some compiled into booklets which are removable; Below is a row of ten drawers containing loose and packaged material (grasses, mud pellets, feathers, leaves, moss,etc.) for building bird's nests

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Open Series, Sculpture No. 1

Tilted, rectangular frame propped up by three vertical elements and painted light blue

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Diana and Acteon

Relief with Diana(Artemis) bathing, bottom centre, with a dog behind her; she is turning and looking up at Achteon standing partially obscured by a tree, holding a spear, and with antlers already formed on top of his head. Two nymphs standing together on the left side are gesturing towards Achteon, one nymph is seated on the ground behind them

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Crawling Figure

Dark grey stone crawling figure

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Skull with Snake

Dark grey stone skull with snake around it

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"Also by Martha Hastings is a carved erect animal whose paws are projected forward and whose legs are gathered up in a fashion recalling the great cedar totemic bears of the Amerindians of the Pacific Coast. This comparison may appear extravagant, for the grey stone sculpture in question is of small stature. The traits of the animal, of heavy but dignified bearing, are subtly suggested by the delicate channels in the stone block which serves to delineate the limbs and the features of the head. Furthermore, a few incisions appear at the level of the joints and upon the countenance." (Jacqueline Fry, Ministic Sculpture, Introduction)

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Grey stone standing figure bent forward in an extreme position with hands placed on knees

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Dark grey stone stylized bug

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Pile of Bugs

Grey stone pile of bugs - "This sculpture alludes to a farmer's involuntary destruction of an ant-hill in his fields. In a fit of pique, the ants swore to destroy every surrounding plant and seed." (Jacqueline Fry, Ministic Sculpture, Introduction)

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Seated Man

Seated man in black stone, with his hands placed on his knees

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Two Birds in a Cage

Two black stone birds are resting within the grey stone cage

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Apple Tree

A representation of an apple tree; the surface is made of wood strips; apple images are painted on the surface of the lower branch area; two hinged doors in the shape of an apple, located in the centre of the tree, open to expose a painting of a landscape with a group of nude women in the foreground and a landing airplane in the background; the women are throwing apples at the "flying doctor" because "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

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Meat Eaters

Three screens arranged vertically in a cabinet; when unit is activated changing visual and audio patterns interact

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Light Bulb Projection

The image of the light bulb within the rectangular box is projected, inverted, on the wall. The size of the image is variable, depending on the distance which the unit is placed from the wall

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Circular Sound

A circular shaped electronic wire tower which produces rhythmic tones when it is activated by the viewer's presence

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1974 - C

Fourteen chains suspended by nylon line, each hung equidistance from the ceiling, so that the chromed sections just reach the floor, the rusted sections run along the floor in variable patterns

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