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Raven Creation

Man and Woman with Raven. Raven encloses both figures protectively with his wings. Eyes are emphasized with the use of jade. The Man’s eyes are wide in amazement, while the Woman has yet to open her eyes. Raven’s eyes are bright as he observes the new life he is in the process of creating. The forms flow together to create complex though unified images with a strong focal point—in this case the head of Raven. Curvilinear lines and shapes derive from the artist’s study of Bering Sea and North Alaskan art and masks. The circular, revolving composition of the sculpture emphasizes the evolving nature of the story that is literally unfolding. The figures are tightly unified before they emerge into the world as separate entities.

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Hunters’ Territory

On one side, a snowy owl with outstretched wings above which is a hunter’s face. On the other side, in the centre, is a polar bear surmounted by a howling dog and hunter. Along the edges are bear claws and tracks. The subject matter for his sculptures focuses upon Inuit shamanic subjects and stories, and he particularly enjoys creating the elegant forms of snowy owls, and polar bears, as in this work.

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Daphné II

Curvilinear form depicting the moment of metamorphosis of the nymph, Daphne, into a laurel tree

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Bronze Form (Patmos)

Abstract, pierced sculpture

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Citizens Hall of Fame Medallion

On one side, three grouped figures and on the other, multiple faces

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Prairie Don

Prairie Don depicts different seasons and times of day. Don Proch is positioned in his characteristic stance with arms crossed and wearing sunglasses. The landscape behind him shifts in tone, yet maintains the essential Prairie elements of the low horizon, ploughed fields, and weathered fence posts with a pigeon and crow on each roost.

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Granite boulder which has been engraved with undulating lines

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Manifest 2 of 4 (eight seater)

Crate with a blue, upholstered, Naugahyde interior around which are eight seats upholstered in brown Naugahyde

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suite oblique

A camera tripod, an upholstered metal chair, a wheelbarrow together with a steel box inside of which is a piece of steel, which are intended to be arranged side by side on the floor

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Eyeball Hurt & the Medicine Present: Bird & Body

Black, faceless doll with a bird perched on its head

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Eyeball Hurt & the Medicine Present: Hip Flask

Male doll attired in a brown, short-sleeved sweater and black shorts. Attached to his belt are several flasks.

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untitled (infinity)

Sculpture, made up of over 100 fluorescent lights attached to a concealed steel frame, referencing the infinity symbol drawn from the Metis flag. The light from the sculpture reflects on the gallery floor and wall.

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Human skull with small seal flipper bones nested within the hollow top

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Relief Structure #12-1970

Three dimensional, abstract composition with varied orthogonal grouping of thin blocks in various colours.

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Silent Voices #2

Flat, roughly formed, crouching, female figure enclosed within a low relief rectangular box.

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Man in Kayak

Dark green with brown stone hunter in kayak; ivory hunting weapons

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Into the Sunset

Group of humans in an umiak, or skin boat, with seals, birds and bears. At both the front and back of the boat are human and bird-like figures, one holding a disk and one a drum.

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Spirit Head

Head with large, expressive eyes and protruding tongue on one side and a bird on the other

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Diving Walrus

A walrus diving head-first.

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A bird standing with wings spread.

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Hunter and Goose

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Kneeling Hunter

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Cluster of round heads

A cluster of human heads, possibly a family.

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Mother and Child

A mother carrying a child in her amautik.

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Head of Seal

A seal depicted from shoulders up as though emerging from the water.

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