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Dancing Mother and Child

Figurine, carved in stone, of a dancing mother and child. The figure has only one body but two heads and one arm. The figure is standing on its left foot with its right leg bent underneath and leaning to its left. The face on the left side has two round ivory eyes with black inlay pupils, two circular carved out nostrils, and a frowning mouth with jagged teeth and deep indentations around the face. The right side face is turned to the right and has similar facial features to the other face except for a carved out ear and an open mouth with jagged ivory teeth. The single arm comes out from under the right face’s chin and it is holding a curved ivory object. The figure also has carved lines representing hair across the top of the sculpture.

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Lumaaq Legend

A depiction of the legend of Lumaaq, the story of the first narwhal. There are two figures, a whale and a woman attached to a piece of pronged antler. The antler represents the undulating forms of the water from the legend. The woman depicted is Lumak’s grandmother, shown as a beautiful young woman whose lower half has already begun to transform into a narwhal. She is holding onto a sinew harness which is attached to a beluga type whale. The whale is carved in ivory and looks realistic.

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Crane Tending Nest

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Iqalunappaa, the Half-Fish with Fish

Figurine of Iqalunappaa, the half fish woman with a fish carved in stone. Iqalunappaa is laying on her back. She has a small round head with long loose hair, almond shaped eyes, a round nose, and a small thin mouth. Her left arm is resting on her stomach and her right arm is raised slightly above her torso. At the bottom of her body is a seal like flipper which is folded against her and a fish head with the tips of human fingers over the top of the fish head.

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Woman Showing a Drawing

Self-portrait of the artist holding a drawing by her mother, Sheojuke Toonoo.

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Hunter Pulling at a Seal Line

A hunter pulling at a seal line

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Walrus Hockey

Walrus holding a hockey stick and about to hit a puck

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Hockey Player

Man playing hockey

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Tuami and Davidialuk using Seaweed as Shelter

Two men wrapped in seaweed and kelp

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The sea goddess, Nuliajuk

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High Kick

The Inuit game of high kick

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String Game

Inuit string game

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Figure, with head raised and eyes closed, holding a prayer book. A bird and a cross are carved on the exterior of the book. The following is carved on the inside of the book: Jesus love[sic] you // Love other people

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Eagle/Human figure holding a very long braid

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Caribou Antler on Walrus Base

Various animals and human figures incised on the caribou antler

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A weasel

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The doll wears a necklace of multi-coloured beads. Her limbs are articulated.

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Bird Spirit

An animal-bird spirit

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The Ever-Present Nuns

Sculpture with four faces, each representing the face of a nun, on top of which is an owl.

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Man Pulling in Seal

A hunter pulling in a seal

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Hunter Holding Seal

A hunter holding a seal

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Man and Seal

A hunter and a seal

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Man Holding Harpoon

A hunter holding a harpoon

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A walrus

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