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Wall sculpture portrait of Don Proch wearing sunglasses

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House of Tea

A life-size, female figure, without a head or feet, floats above an open coffin.

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Maquette for #1 Northern

Maquette for the sculpture #1 Northern. The maquette is painted yellow. #1 Northern is a top grade of hard red spring wheat.

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No. 1 West Mask

The sculpture is a wearable mask. The tiny holes act as a coarse screen through the wearer of the mask can see in order to navigate his/her surroundings. The sculpture, which ressembles a brimmed, round-topped, hat, is supported on a slender, metal rod which is attached to a square, rotating base. There are four, fan-like blades extending out from the edge of the hat brim. The blades are placed around the brim, equidistant from each other. Underneath each blade and under the hat brim, the artist has attached cut binder twine, the ends of which protrude through slightly. Two of the blades have blacktop highways drawn on them; the other two blades have two trails on them. On the top and upper sides of the hat, are clouds. On the sides of the hat, just above the brim, are trees and a prairie elevator. The artist has punched tiny holes around the elevator. The Fiberglas on top of the brim has been maniuplated to emulate the contours of the ground. Suspended from underneath the top hat, is a Fiberglas “face” on which the artist has drawn a snow fence which resembles a mouth. This is a prairie scene in the dead of winter.

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Floor sculpture consisting of 14, freestanding pieces of high-fired clay in various shapes and sizes with differing types of stains.

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Two-part sculpture with abstract designs imbedded in the resin. The smaller component is suspended by a wire hanger from the the bottom of the larger, rectangular component, which in turn is fitted with two hooks along its top edge to which wires are affixed and then hung from the ceiling.

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Red Isosceles

Two isosceles triangles side by side mounted on a stone base: one which is solid with one side painted red; the other which has a hole pierced in it, the inside of which is painted yellow.

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the red terror (canned)

A red, plastic octopus has been secured to the inside of a tobacco tin which in turn has been glued sideways to a piece of wood. This piece of wood is supported by a wooden pedestal. On the lid of the tin is the original illustration. It features a Mountie in red serge, on horseback, firing a repeating rifle.

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Man + Woman = Monster

Within a wooden box are small plastic figures of a man (ressembling Tarzan), a woman (ressembling Jane) and a monster. The monster is an erect, turtle-like creature holding up its pincer-like front legs. The exterior of the box is painted sky blue.

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he who was once my nemesis is now my new car

Plastic, alien-like figure dressed in a space suit and standing astride on a small wooden platform. Platform is supported by a wooden pedestal. The figure is beige and its hands and feet blue. The hands are pincer-like and the feet are claw-like. The figure has blue wings on its back. Within the interior of the the plastic bubble secured to the top of the suit, is a small plastic figure with an elongated and hairless head. The wooden platform and pedestal is painted light blue.

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sleep machine

A metronome, from which the front has been removed, exposing the mechanics. Inside is a small, yellow, clay creature with pointed ears, black eyes and yellow feet.

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this looks like a nice place to sit

Small, plastic, beige figure with a grey plastic robot-like head with red eyes. The figure is holding a book and standing next to an upright log. The objects are secured to a wooden platform which in turn is supported by a wooden pedestal.

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Desk lamp which has been painted blue. Attached to each side of the base, is a grey, robot-like, plastic leg. Paper has been secured to the bottom of the top of the lamp which holds the bulb and painted blue. At the front, a piece of see-through plastic has been placed. Visible through this plastic, is a white, partially squashed head.

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A piece of flexible metal cabling (representing the neck) with a blue, plastic dinosaur head at the end, has been attached to the top of an oil can. Four long screws have been attached to the can for feet. The "dinosaur" stands on a wooden platform which is supported by a wooden pedestal.

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Sad + Cold

Darth Vader-like plastic figure, painted yellow, on which has been placed a gopher-like fur head with metal batteries for eyes. The figure also is wearing fur mitts. The figure is standing on a black platform. On the platform are two pieces of red paper. On one piece is printed "Cold", which is secured to the platform; on the other, "Sad", which is not attached.

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some times it hurts so bad

Bearded man curled up in a fetal positionwearing a partial mask which only exposes the lower portion of his face. His mask and clothing are beige with a patterning of black marks. There is a bandage on one arm. He is laying on a round, wooden platform supported by a wooden pedestal. The platform and pedestal are painted light blue.

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Provisional Landscape

A row of a local brand of bottled orange pop (Mio) is arranged on a wall-mounted shelf beneath a sun-like wooden disc punctuated with small circular louvered vents.

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Arborite Housedress

Housedress constructed from plywood and Arborite, together with the performance videotape.

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I'm from the future, but my log is from farther in the future

Wooden figure, except for one leg which appears to be constructed from plastic, with movable arms. The numeral 57 is printed on the chest. Black eyes, nose and mouth have been painted onto a blue face. A strand of wire with a curved tip protrudes from the top of the head. The figure is secured to a plastic base.

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- The greatest villain of all time -

Doll wearing a bathrobe and pyjamas with a cravat and holding a cigarette. The face is green, has one eye with protruding teeth. A helmet-like head covering has large horns. The figure is secured to a platform which is in turn secured to a pedestal.

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Dracula-like figure with a grey robot head with red eyes and mouth affixed to a black stanchion. A large, black vinyl cape with a high, pointed collar is attached to the "neck" of the figure. Powered by a battery, the red lights flash and a sound component is activated when turned on. Two microphones are also accompany the work.

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Fan Club

Working, commercial fan which has been painted pale green on the front and back. The interior, handle and three blades have been painted blue. The following images have been painted on the blades: head of a cat; head of a woman; head of a man.

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Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine Dolls

The work is comprised of six felt dolls. (a) Or: Doll with black head, rust torso and arms, green trousers and black socks. The hands are red, the eyes gray, the nose green and mouth orange (b) The Two of Us: Doll with a white head, torso and arms, rust trousers and gray feet. The head has pointed ears, black thread for the eyes and red thread for the nose and mouth. The doll is holding a beige sack from which is protruding a snake-like animal with a green head and neck and a red nose (c) Black Nitrite: Doll which is all black with found metal objects for the eyes and mouth. Secured to the head, are two small plastic cylinders with black tops (d) Mallatia: Doll which is a baby and is all black. Green thread has been used for the eyes, nose and mouth (e) Heartless Gink: White doll with long dangling arms with red felt for the mouth and black thread for the eyes. A dollar sign has been stitched on the front (f) Gingku; Wolf-like animal in blue with yellow torso, red paws, red nose and white and black eyes. There are two pieces of red felt representing drops of blood on its chest.

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Doll constructed from brown felt and stitched with brown thread. It has a long, pointed head.

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Petrolia Model used for flying scenes in Disciples of Darkness

Female doll clad completely in black, with a black purse slung over her shoulder and goggles pushed back on top of her head. She is seated astride and holding on to what ressembles a giant, blue and red striped candle or firecracker. The "candle" is supported with a wire hanger support.

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