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Dis-Play II

Plywood, glass and two of the foam components are placed against wall, with the third, cylindrical foam piece away from it. Pigment is scatterd on the floor. The pieces are lit by the lights in a darkened room.

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Fuselage Rudder

Depiction of a rudder-like device which is suspended from the ceiling

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Memoria Mundi

Gold-leaf covered disc. In the centre of the disc is a cupboard incised with the words 'Memoria Mundi'. On the shelf inside the cupboard is a white bowl on a small pillow. The bowl contains a Greek temple, in ruins. The bowl has been cast from a human skull.

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Lead Bread

Sculpture consists of 8 black rifles with tip of barrels leaning against a wall equidistant from each other; on top of each barrel is a book with a circular hole cut right through it; on top of each book is a 'slice' of bread made out of lead; underneath each book, next to each rifle, is a long-handled, black tong leaning against the wall

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Two, parallel rows of wooden steps, with each row having 10 steps

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Granite boulder which has been engraved with undulating lines

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Abstract composition utilizing various metals but primarily copper

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George Littlechild

A component of Six Books from the installation The Library: Inner/Outer. A book, whose pages are fibreglass and lace, mounted on a wooden table. Beeswax has been applied to the covers, fibreglas and lace. On one cover are 4 miniature, metal horseshoes; on the other cover is a seashell.

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The Truly Great Rural Safety Deposit Box

Rectangular box mounted on two large wheels through which a metal chain has been looped. There is a handle on either side of the box at the top.

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Work consists of three wishbones: one ceramic, one rubber and one bronze. The wishbones have a custom made wood box with a lid. The top felt liner which is placed over the pieces in the box has a lithograph of a wishbone on it.

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Creature Femmelle (Fishwoman)

Stylized figure of a woman with a fish superimposed on top of her head; sculpture is mounted on an undulating base

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Between a Rock

Cast, concrete human figure crouching between two asphalt slabs

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Tin Dress

Floor length woman's dress with full skirt constructed with pieces of metal which are secured with screws. There is metal lace edging along the neckline and along the edge of one shoulder. The dress is painted mostly in black. It features an area of checkerboard design on the skirt.

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root dress

Stylized dress in the form of spreading roots with a trunk-like center

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Wind Machine for Winnipeg

Sculpture consists of three components: Anemometer (wind speed sensor), tube unit and a processor unit. The anemometer is to be anchored to a concrete block and placed outdoors to respond to the wind. The anemometer is linked to the processor unit which is mounted to a wall and meant for indoor display only. The tube unit is mounted to the wall above the processor unit. In the tube unit is a yellow cedar landscape with a map style image of the Assiniboine and Red rivers as they join in Winnipeg. The image is carved into the wood and not painted. The motor mounted in the tube is connected to the processor system so that it 'replays' the wind. As the wind changes speed outside, the fan changes changes speed as well.

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Orange Dress

Work consists of an orange, shapeless ‘dress' made from a synthetic, wool-like material and a black and white photograph of a man wearing the dress. The dress is constructed without arm holes which if modelled results in the model's head protruding from the neck hole, but also entails the arms being trapped inside the garment, which results in a sack-like appearance. In the photograph, the man's face is blurred. The photo is intended to be affixed next to the dress which is pinned to the wall.

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All the President's Men Revisited

Ten ‘figures' constructed from wood and enamelled in yellow, green, red, orange , pink, burgundy or blue, in various geometries, secured to the top of a low table. The table is white enamelled aluminum with a top of plastic laminate-covered wood.

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Relief Structure

Wall sculpture consisting of panel of wood coated on both sides with enamel. Attached to this are rectangular blocks of wood, also coated with enamel in yellow, red or white. The blocks have a uniform width and length but vary in thickness

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Stripped, wood, medicine cabinet from which the mirror has been removed to reveal shelves and compartments containing vessels made of hog bladders and two glass lids.

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Empyreal Cadence

Twenty ceramic squares with distinct layers are mounted horizontally along a wall with bright overhead lights directed at them

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Nude female torso

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Close Knit #2

6 sweaters, 1 dress and 1 skirt, which are all black and shrunken, arranged in an upright position

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Canned Buttons

49 canning jars, each filled with buttons, and arranged on five shelves of a free-standing wooden shelf unit

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Free-standing sculpture of 17 altered cigarettes in a tall Plexiglas tube. The tube locks at the top with a key.

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Wedding Guest

This piece is one of the “guests” from The Extended Wedding Party work. A woman’s garment, shoes and hat is contained in a metal Queen Bee Excluder garment bag and has been embroidered by the bees.

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