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Crouching Venus

Nude figure kneeling on dexter knee and partly seated on an urn lying on its side; sinister arm rests on sinister leg, hand gracefully distends downwards; dexter hand faces upward, arm held across her breast slanting downward towards sinister shoulder; narrow band around head; wavy hair is gathered at nape of neck and in a bow at top of head.

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Abstract Mosaic

Abstract composition of irregular shaped triangles, lines, etc. in white, light grey, pinkish grey, brown and light and dark blue colours. Mounted by the artist in a wooden frame and set on board, and plastered to both.

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Two figures - bearded man in squatting position, woman seated on his right knee with arms upraised to hold her hair; both figures have faces upraised and are cheek-to-cheek

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Reclining Figure No. 2

Lying human figure with upright trunk, leaning on dexter elbow; head upright and looking halfway, dexter; entire body twisted like a spiral; lower part of trunk has hollow

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Bearded Man from a Grave Stele

Life-sized head of a mature male with short curly hair and close-cropped beard. The eyes are almond-shaped and crisply carved, with a well-defined brow line, eyelids and tearducts. The head is from a Greek grave stele.

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Larger than life-size woman with straight hair, wearing a plain, close - fitting, short-sleeved dress; she stands barefoot with her hands behind her, unclasped

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Animal Group

Two animals, one larger, one smaller, lying side by side; brown and black glaze on larger animal; brown and white glaze on smaller

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Abstraction of three figures huddled together under umbrellas

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Standing female nude, with one leg crossed over the other

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Nude female torso on circular cement base

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Tree of Life

Nude male and female figure in hollow of abstraction of tree. The male's arms hang at his side while the female's arms are above her head which is tilted back looking skyward

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Family Group

Standing adult figure holding child in arms; seated adult figure at front

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Helen Esterman

Female head with long hair; artificial green patina

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Portrait of S.J.D. Q.C.

Abstract portrait of Samuel J. Drache, Q.C.

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Follow the Leader

Four figures in procession

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Smiling Head

Male head with smiling face attached to cast stone base

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Angry Bird

Bird in flight with wings spread and beak open; lacy effect of welded steel overall

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Boxers (The Fight)

Abstract bronze resembling two figures intertwined

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D.B., Q.C.

Abstract portrait of Douglas Barker's head on triangular wooden base

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Tabernacle with five panels, each adorned with relief sculpture of Biblical figures-Christ on centre door panel; inside and outside of tabernacle is gilded; inside of door depicts 2 angels holding gold chalice with medallion-like Host; host surrounded by 4 winged heads; banner across top

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Standing Madonna, hands clasped together, under her robe, by her chin

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Off Centre Rhythms

Tiered pieces of steel placed randomly at all angles

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Contest Between Marsyas and Apollo Before King Midas

Relief, oval shaped sculpture; seated Apollo with harp at left; King Midas stands at centre; Marsyas with lute at mouth sits at right

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Marsyas Being Flayed by Apollo

Relief, oval shaped sculpture; 3 mythological figures - Marsyas with cloven hooves and horns at left; Apollo on knees wielding knife in sinister hand at centre; female saint with harp at right

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Emperor Charles VI

Relief sculpture of dexter profile of Emperor Charles VI; long, curly hair; garland of leaves adorn sides and top of head, tied at back of hair in a bow

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