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White Wilderness

Colour Woodcut. A stark winter scene with winding river

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Dying Pines

Colour Woodcut. Two pine trees and water

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Crow's Island, Lake of the Woods

Colour Woodcut. A person paddling a canoe; treed bank reflected in water.

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Colour Woodcut. A young girl behind shrubs by lakeshore.

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The Path of Gold

Colour Woodcut. Back of woman, holding canoe paddle; sunset over lake.

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The Little Saskatchewan

Colour Woodcut. A lush, tree-lined river

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Vilas Park, Madison

Colour Woodcut. A lush park setting; stone arched bridge over water.

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Colour Woodcut. A young boy - nude - standing by pine tree.

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Rundle Mountain

Colour Woodcut. A view of Mt. Rundle from across water

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Gimli (Gimli Harbour)

Colour Woodcut. Boats tied up at dock; 5 men on dock.

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Mountain Larch

Colour Woodcut. 2 larch trees in mountain meadow

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Ten Peaks (Valley of the Ten Peaks)

A jagged, rocky mountainside in foreground; additional jagged mountains in background.

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Vista Lake ?

Dog on beach; 2 large boats at wharf.

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Rushing River

Rapids/falls between walls of rock emptying into lake

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Indian Standing in Doorway

An Indian wrapped in blanket, standing in doorway

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Stockton, Man.

A village street; 2 men in silhouette

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Two swans in water

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Snake Island, Lake Winnipeg; The Wharf, Snake Island

Several boats docked at shore; boat shack with man in doorway.

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A man standing in boat, holding fishing net, looking at totem

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Moraine Lake

Lake surrounded by mountains.

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Building with Figures

Waterfront wooden buildings, totem poles, man and child on dock.

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The Little Cascade

Small waterfall in foreground; mill on riverbank in left background; artist sitting and sketching at right middleground

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A Coastal Scene

b.l.: group of men and women at water's edge; large, sailing vessel docked at wharf; wooden cart with oxen, several people in b.r. foreground; water and rolling hills beyond

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The Anglers

Man and woman on large rock in b.l. foreground; man has fishing line in water; large sailing vessel on water in middleground; mountain at t.l.

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Women with child in arms, at shop window

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