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Duck Hunter

Colour Woodcut. A duck hunter, in marsh, taking aim

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Sharp's Dock - Pender Harbour

Colour Woodcut. A man tying up a canoe at dock.

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Sunset Lake Woods

Colour Woodcut. A pine branch in foreground; sunset over lake and sailboat

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Wylye Mill Bridge

Colour Woodcut. A stone-walled bridge foreground; rooftops and castle turret

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The Field Barn

Colour Woodcut. A thatched-roof barn and buildings in valley.

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Colour Woodcut. A summer scene of Mount Rundle across lake

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Poplar Bay

Colour Woodcut. There are two sailboats on the water, rocks with lone pine tree at right side of image

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Lake Louise

Colour Woodcut. Lake Louise reflecting treed and snow-covered mountains.

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Temple Lodge

Colour Woodcut. There are 3 skiers on mountain top; one skier returning, one on-looker - all by mountain lodge

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Long Bay Keewatin

Colour Woodcut. There are rocks in the foreground, lake with treed islands

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Two Lakes

Colour Woodcut. A panoramic view of two lakes separated by trees and shrubs

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Tunnel Mountain

Colour Woodcut. There are barren trees in the foreground; across lake - trees and mountains

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Beaver Lodge

Colour Woodcut. A snow-covered field with beaver dam; mountains in background

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The Beach

Colour Woodcut. A young boy stitting on a beach with sandpiper

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The Batwing Sail

Colour Woodcut. A boat with batwing sails by rock and trees.

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Colour Woodcut. A pine branch centred over misty lake with small island; sky day-breaking

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Red River Road

Colour Woodcut. A curved, tree-lined road, water both sides, church in background

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Waterfall (Waterfall or Rushing River; Portage)

Colour Woodcut. An Indian in a canoe going over rocks and waterfall (rapids)

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The Dock

Colour Woodcut. There is a boat between 2 docks; boy sitting under tree

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The Bather No. 2

Colour Woodcut. The back of a female bather leaning against a tree, looking at water

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Prairie Elevator

Colour Woodcut. A lone prairie elevator beyond barbed wire fence.

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Leaf of Gold

Colour Woodcut. A single branch with golden leaves over a lake in which mountains are reflected.

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Planting a Zunuk

Colour Woodcut. 2 Indian men erecting totem pole

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Indian Days - Banff

Colour Woodcut. A group of teepees and Indians

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Lake of Lilies; Girl Looking at Water Lilies

Colour Woodcut. A young girl sitting, overlooking water with pond lilies.

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