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A man, woman and dog by a lake

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Edinburgh Castle

A castle-like structure on top of a hill (jagged rock in foreground)

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In the Zoo

A man, woman and child overlooking penguins at a zoo.

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On the Swing

A man pushing a child on a tree swing in a garden/yard.

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Welly Ba

There are two large, swirling waves hitting against a rock.

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On the Ocean

There is a steamship on the ocean with swirling whitecaps and clouds.

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Cottage in Scotland

A man and dog walking toward a thatched roof cottage

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The Rainy Day

A view through a window of a winding river and trees on a rainy day

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A view of water and island through pine trees

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Wild Rose

One wild rose with buds

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One bunchberry bloom; one bunchberry unopened; background of forest vegetation

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Wild Clematis

A close-up of wild clematis blossoms

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Lady Slipper

Two lady slipper flowers

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Wild Columbine

Two wild columbine blossoms

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Yellow Cedar

A branch of a yellow cedar

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Woody Nightshade

A close-up of a Woody Nightshade branch with berries

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Fiddle-head (fern)

3 Fiddle-head fern blossoms

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Looking Down

Top of mountains; clouds

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Beethoven’s Four Famous Notes of Fifth Symphony

In the foreground, there are rocks and two tree stumps. In the bottom left corner of the image there are 4 music notes on treble cleff; water and a small island of trees.

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Prairie Crocus

2 Prairie Crocus blossoms and 4 buds

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A tamarack branch

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Par un beau clair de froid, a Maurice Beaulieu

Colour Etching. Abstract leaf-type forms in V-shape composition

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Norman Bay 2.

Norman Bay, Ontario with boat houses on water.

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Tulips in a vase

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Zinnia blossoms and leaves

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