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The Last Stretch

Winter night scene, trapper near tree, 3 dogs with sled

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The Trail

Winter scene, snowing, trapper walking beside sled with 3 dogs.

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Night Quarters

Winter night scene of trapper's camp, dogs & sled

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White Caps

White caps seen through trees and rocks

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Blue Water

Decayed tree trunk (bottom left foreground), water, island with fir and leafy trees

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Winter scene; decayed tree trunks, Northern Lights (sun rise?) beyond hill

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La Lutte a Mort

3 crows; one on decayed tree trunk; 2 wounded & "falling"

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Black Sturgeon

Winter scene; horses pulling logs on sled over bridge toward farm yard

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Castle Mountain

Fir trees foreground; jagged mountains, background

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Glacier Water

Mountain scene with glacier (water) run-off

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The Cascade

Cascading mountain waterfall & winding brook through forest

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Still Life with Cactus

A large, potted cactus on window sill

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Pine Branch

Pine branch foreground; mountains background

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Two peonies in full bloom; 3 buds

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East Kildonan Road

Row of sod and log pioneers' dwellings - farming settlement

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The White Morning

Winter scene; two teepees in forest, campfire

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The Old Gate

Stone gate entrance to fort-like settlement; man with ox and cart; trappers and hunters

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Frosty Morn

Winter scene; deer in forest clearing; hoar frost on trees

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The Toast

Winter night scene: men and dogs around campfire

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Northern Country (North Country)

Winter night scene: two wolves howling on top of snow-covered hill overlooking log cabin

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Northern Lights

Winter scene; trappers with sled and dogs crossing frozen lake

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Winter scene: left 2/3 of picture snow-covered rocky hill and trees, 2 horses pulling man on sled

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The First Drops

Raindrops falling on small lake/pond, rolling hills in background

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The Homestead

Foreground: newly-cleared land; cattle grazing, log buildings, man

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Jack Pine

A branch of a jack pine

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