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Winter Garden - Wild Aster

Branches of wild aster

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Circus Person

Man standing on a horse

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The King

Seated monarch figure with sceptre in each hand

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Pierrot With Ball

Person in circus-type costume, with ball

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Nous croyant rois

Side view of monarch figure, right arm bent at elbow, across chest

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Woman at centre; man on her left whispering in her ear; another woman at right

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Et Véronique au tendre lin, passe encore sur le chemin

Head of Christ with crown of thorns

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Portrait of a Girl

Head (profile) and shoulders of young girl

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Abstract composition

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Colour lithograph. Abstract forest-like scene

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Ce sera la dernière petit père!

Seated man at left; at centre, man on knees whispering to seated man; standing skeleton at right

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Le juste, comme le bois de santal, parfume la hache qui le frappe

Angel at right consoling grieving woman; woman and child at b.l.; picture of Christ at t.c.

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Obéissant jusqu'à la mort et à la mort de la croix

Christ on the cross

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Debout les morts!

3 skeletons in various positions; 2 crosses at horizon line

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Abstract composition in blues and black

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Abstract; shovel in foreground, bottom center; "moon", top right

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Christmas Eve

Winter night scene of log cabin near lakeshore

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Winter night scene, trees with hoar frost

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Northern Night

Winter night scene; northern lights, fir trees, lake

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Winter night scene, trapper, approaching log cabin

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Three (3) carnival "jesters" standing in stone archway

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Waterfront scene in Kenora, Ontario

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Winter Sun

Winter scene of log cabin and trees

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Christmas Mail

Winter scene; airplane landing over log cabin settlement

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The Top of the Hill

Rolling hills, shrubs and trees

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