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Moving Skip Rope

Woman skipping rope

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Dancer [ballerina Nancy Crompton]

Nancy Crompton, ballerina, in multiple ballet poses

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Atomic Bomb Explosion before 1952

Atomic bomb explosion

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Baton Multiflash

Woman twirling a baton

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Ghost Feet Baton

Figure twirling a baton

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Back Dive [Bert West]

Bert West doing a back dive

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Bullet Through Balloons

Bullet shot through a balloon which is exploding

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Gus Solomons

Modern American dancer, Gus Solomons

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Bullet Through Jack of Hearts

Bullet splitting Jack of Hearts playing card

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Bullet Through Plexiglas

Bullet going through Plexiglas

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Water Drop Splash

Drop of water splashing

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Football Kick

Football kick

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Mickey [Rooney] & Judy [Garland]

Head and shoulders portrait of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

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Mary Lou [Edgerton] Jumps Rope

A young girl, Mary Lou Edgerton, jumping rope

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[Charles] Batterman Dives, MIT Pool

Charles Batterman, diving coach at M.I.T., diving off a springboard into a pool

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Milk Drop Coronet

Drop of milk forming a coronet shape

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Cranberry Juice (Dye Drop) into Milk

A drop of cranberry dye dropping into milk

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Moscow Circus Multiflash

Men on stilts performing in the Moscow circus

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Bullet Through Banana

Bullet travelling through a banana

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Bullet Through Apple

Bullet going through an apple

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Bullet Through Jack

Bullet going through a Jack of Diamonds playing card

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Pigeon Release Multiflash

Pigeon in flight

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Pole Vault Multiflash, 1965

Man pole vaulting

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Fan & Flame (blue)

A fan and an elongated, blue flame

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Bullet Through Flame, 1973

Bullet going through a flame

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