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Stehender Knabe und zwei Mädchen, II (Standing Boy and Two Girls, II)

Three nude figures, a boy and two girls, are lounging in the forest with hills in the distance. The boy stands in the middle, holding a tree branch. One girl sits on the ground and the other stands.

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Mann und Weibchen (Male and Female)

A man and woman are both sitting in profile, on the ground. The woman is half nude with her back to her husband.

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Egon Schiele: Aquarelle Und Zeichnungen (Egon Schiele: Watercolors and Drawings)

Portfolio consists of a portfolio cover, an introduction booklet, and sixty-four prints. the prints are in varying degrees of completion. There is a bound 15 page introduction booklet. (1) The portfolio cover is red and has a copy of the artist’s autograph printed in the upper centre in white; (2) The title page of the introduction booklet reads, ‘Veröffentlichung der Albertina Nr. 4/ Egon/ Schiele/ Aquarelle und Zeichnungen/ Herausgegeben von Walter Koschatzky/ Ausgewählt und Bearbeitet von Erwin Mitsch/ Verlag Galerie Welz Salzburg; (3) A portrait of a woman wearing a teal and purple wide-brimmed hat. Dated 1910; (4) A nude female with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Dated 1910; (5) A nude male baby with skeletal-looking arms. Dated 1910; (6) A portrait of a man wearing a wedding ring and rubbing his face with his right hand. Dated 1910; (7) A nude woman from the back, looking over her shoulder toward the viewer. A nude child is reaching to her back. Dated 1910; (8) A portrait of a shirtless, seated woman, wearing a wide brimmed hat and making a funny face. Dated 1910; (9) Portrait of a seated man wearing a suit with his hands folded in his lap. He is staring very intensely into space. Dated 1910; (10) Portrait of three young boys all standing together and looking in different directions. Dated 1910; (11) A view from the back of a nude woman with bright red hair. Dated 1910; (12) An artist drawing a nude female model wearing a hat who is looking into a mirror. Dated 1910; (13) A still-life of a stem of red flowers, possibly Salvia. Dated 1910; (14) A view of a street front with several houses all side by side; (15) A bird’s eye view of a landscape showing agricultural land. Dated 1910; (16) A view of the facade of a building from the street. Dated 1910; (17) A still-life of a yellow flowering plant, possibly a Black-Eyed-Susan. Dated 1911; (18) A shirtless woman with her left arm above her head. Dated 1911; (19) A woman hugging two children close to her. Dated 1911; (20) A curly haired woman with closed eyes. Dated 1911; (21) A clothed man with his shirt pulled up, exposing his abdomen. Dated 1911; (22) Two seated young girls. Dated 1911; (23) Portrait of a seated young girl wearing an orange dress. Dated 1911; (24) Line drawing of a nude woman. Dated 1911; (25) A sketch of a woman with closed eyes. Dated 1911; (26) A sketch of the torso and legs of a nude woman. Dated 1911; (27) A nude woman wearing purple stockings, laying on the ground with her head toward the viewer. Dated 1912; (28) A seascape of a steam ship and several sail boats at port. Dated 1912; (29) A portrait of a girl wearing a blue and black dress, in profile. Dated 1912; (30) A sketch of a leafy plant attached to a support. Dated 1912; (31) Portrait of a man wrapped in several layers of fabric, or clothes. Dated 1912; (32) A sketch of a steam ship at port. Dated 1912; (33) A landscape with either an orthodox church or a house on a hillside, surrounded by trees. Dated 1912; (34) A view of a gondola type boat going under a wooden bridge on a river. Dated 1913; (35) ‘Die Jungfrau (The Young Woman)’: A portrait of a nude woman sitting cross-legged and holding up her dress under her chin. Dated 1913; (36) ‘Erlosung (Deliverance)’: The back of a nude figure putting on a coat. Dated 1913; (37) A profile portrait of a bearded man. Dated 1913; (38) A nude man and woman laying together. Dated 1913; (39) A nude woman standing with her legs apart and a blanket or jacket wrapped around her shoulders and head. Dated 1913; (40) A woman putting on clothes. Dated 1914; (41) ‘Franz Haver’: A profile portrait of Franz Haver. Dated 1914; (42) A shirtless man with his arm wrapped around his head. Dated 1914; (43) A nude woman wearing a green hat and stretching. Dated 1914; (44) A view of the lower portion of the back of a nude figure. Dated 1914; (45) A portrait of a crouching woman. Dated 1914; (46) A sketch of several houses. Dated 1914; (47) A man wearing a purple shirt and brown hat. Dated 1915; (48) A woman wrapping her legs around a man from behind. Dated 1915; (49) Portrait of a man. Dated 1915; (50) A nude woman wrapping herself around a clothed woman. Dated 1915; (51) A woman in a sleeveless dress. Dated 1915; (52) A man and woman hugging. Dated 1915; (53) A still-life of yellow flowers, probably Black-Eyed-Susans. Dated 1917; (54) ‘Arnold Schönburg’: Portrait of composer, Arnold Schönburg. Dated 1917; (55) A sketch of the second floor and cornice of store fronts. Dated 1917; (56) Portrait of a seated woman with her hands in her lap. Dated 1917; (57) Portrait of a nude woman laying stomach down on the ground with her hair hiding most of her body. Dated 1917; (58) A seated woman wearing shorts with her head resting on her knee. Dated 1917; (59) A woman putting on stockings, shown from behind. Dated 1917; (60) A seated nude man scratching his arm pit with his right hand. Dated 1918; (61) Profile portrait of artist Gustav Klimt. Dated 1918; (62) Portrait of a seated young girl. Dated 1918; (63) View of a woman hugging a nude child. Dated 1918; (64) Portrait of a seated older woman with her hands in her lap. Dated 1918; (65) Portrait of a nude seated woman with her right knee to her chest. Dated 1918; (66) A still-life of four vases, two pitchers and a tea cup. Dated 1918.

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Kathe Kollwitz Mappe (Kathe Kollwitz Portfolio)

Portfolio consists of a portfolio cover, introduction, preface, and thirteen prints. (1) Portfolio cover reads Käthe Kollwitz/ Mappe/ Herausgegeben/ Vom Kunstwart/ München Bei Georg D.W. Callwey im Kunstwart-Verlage. There is also a small print of a worn-looking person; (2) Introduction page shows the same text as the portfolio cover and there is a small photograph of Käthe Kollwitz with her signature underneath; (3) The third print has text on both sides as a preface to the portfolio. There is also a small print of ‘Die Begrussung (The Greeting)’ at the bottom reverse of the page; (4) A nude figure is sitting cross-legged holding a dead child; (5) ‘Tod und Weib (Death and Woman)’: A nude woman is striding forward. A small child is reaching toward her face in the front and a skeletal figure is binding her arms behind her; (6) ‘Die Geschwister (The Brother and Sister)’: A young girl with braided hair is holding an infant in her arms; (7) ‘Ueberfahren (Trample)’ A man is holding a small dead or sickly child and a woman is crouched over the child, holding its head in her hands. The small group is running and there are children surrounding them, running as well; (8) ‘Arbeitslos (Unemployed)’: A man is sitting next to a bed in which a woman and several children are sleeping; (9) ‘Gretchen’: A woman in a long black dress is standing on a platform looking down at a worn looking woman wearing a hooded cloak laying in the fetal position and cradling a baby; (10) ‘Tanz um die Guillotine (Dance Around the Guillotine)’: A group of people are gathered around a guillotine in a town square surrounded by tall buildings. They have their arms raised, reaching out toward the blade. A trail of blood trickles down the cobbled street toward the viewer from the middle of the crowd. There is a man playing a snare drum on the left and a man with his arms folded and head bowed on the right; (11) ‘Aufruhr (Riot)’: A woman is standing in the foreground with her back to the viewer and her arms are raised in agitation. In front of her a mob of poor farmers are running. Many of them have farm tools, pitchforks and scythes; (12) ‘Beim Suchen (When Searching)’: A woman in a long black dress is searching through a mass of bodies with a small light; (13) ‘Weiter (Additionally)’: A mod of angry peasants is marching across a field holding flags, scythes, and axes; (14) A group of angry peasants with weapons is marching up a staircase; (15) ‘Aus Dem Weberaufstand (From the Weaver’s Insurgence)’: A group peasants is standing at a tall ornate gate. Some of them have axes and others are gathering stones from the street; (16) ‘Mutter und Kind (Mother and Child)’: A close-up of a smiling woman holding her child.

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Zeichnungen Egon Schiele 1917 (Drawing Egon Schiele 1917)

Portfolio is composed of a portfolio cover, title page, introduction, and twelve prints. (1) The portfolio cover has ‘Zeichnungen’ printed across the top and ‘Egon/ Schiele/ 1917/ Im Verlage Der Buchhandlung Richard Lanyi Wein.’ across the bottom. In the middle is a print of a man with his hand at face level; (2) The second page has the title of the portfolio on the front which reads, ‘Zeichnungen Egon Schiele 12 Blatter in Original Grosse. Wien 1917 Buchhandlung Richard Lanyi I. Karntnerstrasse 44.’ and a table of contents on the back; (3) Page three has an introduction to the portfolio; (4) A young woman is sitting with her head resting on one knee. She has her hair up and she is wearing a tank top, dark tights under ripped shorts, and sneakers. Dated 1917 on the reverse; (5) A very thin shirtless man with his arms up and wrapped around his head. Dated 1914 on the reverse; (6) A rich woman wearing a fur coat and holding a greyhound dog. Dated 1915 on the reverse; (7) ‘Torso’: A view of a kneeling nude woman from the neck down. Dated 1913 on the reverse; (8) A view of the torso of a man wearing a military type jacket and glasses. Dated 1916 on the reverse; (9) A nude woman reclining horizontally to the viewer. Dated 1914 on the reverse; (10) A portrait of a bearded man wearing a heavy coat and a fur hat. Dated 1915 on the reverse; (11) A view of two women laying down. One woman is nude and has her hips twisted to the viewer. The other woman is wearing a dress and looking into the distance. Dated 1915 on the reverse; (12) A view of a squatting nude woman with her arms in the air, from the back. The print is dated 1915 on the back; (13) A rear view of a child, possibly wrapped in a blanket, looking over his left shoulder. The print is dated 1915 on the back; (14) A wealthy looking woman sitting with her hands in her lap. The print is dated 1917 on the back; (15) A half-nude woman kneeling on the ground and leaning to her right. The print is dated 1917 on the back.

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Intermezzi, Opus IV (Interludes, Opus IV)

Portfolio is comprised of a portfolio cover, print wrap, and twelve etchings. (1) The portfolio cover reads, ‘Intermezzi/ componirt radirt und/ Hermann Sagert/ dantbarft zugeeignet von/ Max Klinger/ Rad. Op. IV. 12 Compofitionen:/ 1. Blatt: Bär und Elfe./ 2. “ Am Meer./ 3. “ Verfolgter Centaur./ 4. “ Mondnacht./ 5. “ Kämpfende Centauren./ 6. “ Bergsturz./ 7. Blatt: Simplici Schreibstunde./ 8. “ Simplicius am Grabe des Einsiedlers./ 9. “ Simplicius unter den Soldaten./ 10. “ Simplicius in der Wald-Einöde./ 11. “ Gefallene Reiter./ 12. “ Amor, Tod und Jenseits./ Theo. Stroefer’s Kunlfberlag in Nürnberg.’ in a gothic text. The ‘I’ of Intermezzi is illuminated; (2) The print wrap paper consists of a series of legal size note papers glued together; (3) ‘Bär und Elfe (Bear and Elf)’: A nude elf or fairy is sitting in a tree, leaning down trying to poke a bear who is also sitting in the tree, with a long twig. A beach and lake surrounded by mountains are visible in the background; (3) ‘Am Meer (By the Sea)’: A young woman wearing a long white dress and bonnet is standing on the beach. It is very windy and her clothes and hair are being blown around. The ocean is choppy and whitecaps are forming on the waves; (4) ‘Verfolgter Centaur (Perused Centaur)’: Three nude men, wearing helmets, are on horseback chasing a centaur through a tall grassy field. The lead man’s horse has been shot with a bow and arrow in the neck by the centaur. Consequently, the horse is rearing and its rider is falling off; (5) ‘Mondnacht (Moonlight)’: A view of a mountainous valley landscape with a river running through the valley and two centaurs resting on a cliff; (6) ‘Kämpfende Centauren (Battling Centaurs)’: Two centaurs are fighting on a snow covered mountain. A dead rabbit is laying in the snow next to the two figures; (7) ‘Bergsturz (Landslide)’: A view of a landslide in a mountainous river valley. There are three groups of centaurs next to the river. The furthest group consists of three centaurs with spears running from the landslide. In the middle ground there are two centaurs beckoning to the centaur in the foreground. The centaur in the foreground is throwing rocks at a snake; (8) ‘Simplici Schreibstunde (Simplicius' Writing Lesson)’: Wendelin von Grübben and his son, Simplicius are sitting next to their hut at a roughly constructed table, in the forest. Wendelin is giving his son a writing lesson; (9) ‘Simplicius am Grabe des Einsiedlers (Simplicius at the Hermit’s Grave)’: Simplicius is sitting in the forest near a hut looking grief-stricken and worn. He is kneeling next to a grave which he just dug where the old hermit is about to be buried; (10) ‘Simplicius unter den Soldaten (Simplicius Among the Soldiers)’: A group of soldiers have arrested three men and a woman in the forest; (11) ‘Simplicius in der Wald-Einöde (Simplicius in the Wilderness)’: Simplicius is wearing a mask and is crouched behind a large boulder; (12) ‘Gefallene Reiter (Fallen Rider)’: A dead horse and rider are laying on the shore near a stream. A wolf stands behind them howling. The rider’s sword is on the ground several feet from the dead man; (13) ‘Amor, Tod und Jenseits (Cupid, Death and the Beyond)’: A surreal scene of Cupid riding a unicycle which is attached to the front of a coffin. A skeleton, Death, is riding the coffin and being followed by an ethereal figure in flowing robes riding a bison.

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Ansicht der Koniglichen Haupt, und Residenz Stadt Stuttgart // Vue de la ville et Residence Royale de Stuttgart (View of the City and the Royal Residence of Stuttgart)

A landscape showing aristocratic men and women in contemporary clothing standing along a path that overlooks the city of Stuttgart, Germany and the surrounding hilly countryside.

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Haupt Anficht der Refidenzftadt, und des groften Theils ihrer Vorftadte, von Belvedere anzufehen // Vûe de la Capitale de Vienne, et d'une grande partie de ses Fauxbourgs, prise du coté dû Belvedere (View of the Capital, Vienna, and of a Large Part of

A view of Vienna, Austria as seen from the Belvedere palace gardens.

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Men Slaying Sheep

Three men slaying sheep

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J.C change l'Eau en Vin aux Nopces de Cana en Galilée (Jesus Christ Turns Water into Wine at the Wedding Feast at Cana in Galilee)

Scene of Jesus Christ’s first miracle of turning water to wine at a wedding at Cana, Galilee, Israel

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A landscape with a woman crouching next to a boy who is laying on the ground with a flute next to a river. There is another figure with a hiking stick in the background. Several goats are playing by the riverside on the left.

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Zwei Köpfe, V (Two Heads, V)

A view of two figures, a man and a woman, from the shoulders up. The man is facing forward and is very close to the woman. His hand is resting on her bare shoulder. The woman is in profile and has short black hair.

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Madchenkopf (Girl’s Head)

A profile view of a woman from the neck up.

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Man’s Head

A three-quarters view of a man from the shoulders up.

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Frauenbildnis (Portrait of a Woman)

A view of a woman with her blouse open, reclining.

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Mitleid (Compassion)

A view of two figures, a man and a woman. The woman is on the right and she is in profile, facing the man. She is reaching out to him with her left hand. On the left, the man is facing forward and is holding the woman’s hand.

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Female Figure

A view of a woman who is sitting down with her back towards the viewer and her legs crossed and knees at her chest. She is semi-nude. She is not wearing a shirt and her long dark hair is loose down her back.

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Madchen Halbakt (Half-Nude Girl)

A left profile view of a nude woman from the waist up.

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Madchen (Girl)

A frontal view of the upper torso of a woman with her left arm crossed in front of her.

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Liegendes...Madchen (Reclining Girl)

A view of the upper torso of a woman in a coat reclining and looking at the viewer.

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Woman’s Head

Frontal view of a woman from the shoulders up. The top of her head runs off the picture plane.

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Männerkopf (Man’s Head)

Three-quarters view of the head of a man wearing a dark coloured hat

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Kopf (Head)

A three-quarters view of a man’s head.

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Attischer Kopf (Head)

A left profile view of the head of a man, wearing a hat, abstracted in red, black, and blue.

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Abstract imagery in black over a green, red, and white background

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