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Aufbruckder Pilgerkarawane Nach Mekka von der Ahmedije in Konstantinopel (The Departure of the Pilgrim Caravan for Mecca from the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople)

The square in front of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey filled with Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The former Orthodox basilica and mosque, the Hagia Sophia fills the background of the print.

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Kampf um den Schützengraben (Battle for the Trenches)

Scene of trench warfare with soldiers fighting on two hills. In the centre there are several soldiers with cannons. There are three bare trees in the background.

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Pferdemarkt ni Radantz (Bukovina) (Horse Market in Radantz)

A bird’s eye view of a very crowded horse market or auction with a large tent in the middle

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Noah (Gross) (Noah (Large Plate))

A bird’s eye view of numerous lines of paired animals all walking over a hilly landscape into the distance, to Noah’s ark. There are also three large groupings of birds flying in the same direction as the land animals.

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Konzert der Nachtsgall (Concert of the Nightingales)

A view of a nightingale perched in a weeping tree, singing to a crowd of other birds including pelicans, egrets, herons, flamingos, ducks, chickens, and geese.

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Zilversmidsstraat, Antwerpen (Silversmith Street, Antwerp)

A view of various impoverished-looking people standing on the cobbled Zilversmidsstraat, in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Sommernachtstraum (Midsummer Night’s Dream)

A print based on William Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A view of a lush forest with large tree in the centre and the sun in background. A man with a donkey's head, Nick Bottom, sits with the queen of the fairies, Titania. One fairy, possibly Puck, sits above Nick Bottom and Titania on a branch of the tree and five other fairies gather below the couple. Two clothed figures stand to the left of the tree. A gecko runs along the bottom left of image and an owl sits in the tree looking below.

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A print inspired by the opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the centre of the image, Papageno the bird catcher sits in a tree dressed in bird plumage and is playing a flute. He has a bird cage strapped to his back. He is surrounded by a variety of other birds, either flying or also perched in the tree. On the foliage below him, Papageno has trapped several other birds in a net. Next to the net a small bird sits in a cage.

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Jonas (Jonah)

A depiction of the Old Testament story of Jonah (Jonas) and the whale. There is a turbulent sea with high cresting waves. A gigantic fish is jumping out of the water and swallowing Jonah. A boat is capsized in the wave and a few sailors are in the water. On shore, several men are running away from the storm. On the left side there is a bird flying over a building between two palm trees.

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Cybirgo im Walteich, in sich Gekehrter Rilke

A landscape showing a figure hunched over on the shore of a placid lake at night. Trees line the edge of the water and there is a mountain in the background. A crescent moon shines in the upper right corner.

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Schwannengesangs Konzert (Swan Song Concert)

A conductor stands on a mound in the middle of an indoor pool as he conducts six swans which are singing. The pool is surrounded by many well dressed people who are listening to the concert. One swan is flying away above the crowd.

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Der Wunderbare Fischzug (The Miraculous Draught of Fishes)

A depiction of the New Testament story of the first of two miraculous draughts of fish stories. Jesus Christ is standing in a row boat in the Sea of Galilee, overseeing numerous people trying to haul in a gigantic net filled with fish. Several men are on shore trying to pull the net in and there are a few men on a rickety hut pulling at the net as well.

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Kein Hahn kräht nach ihnen (No cock crows for them)

A man in handcuffs and ankle cuffs is standing on a stage in a town square, waiting to be executed. A multitude of people are standing bellow him in the square. He is surrounded by aristocrats and soldiers. In the background there is a grieving woman, who is crying into her apron.

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Vollkommene Menschen (Perfect People)

A view of a busy street showing a variety of different people from different classes. There is a street vendor selling cigarettes, a rich man walking with a cane, a policeman on patrol, a poor man with crutches, and an aristocratic woman.

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Man with Two Horses

A geometrically abstracted man stands between two abstracted horses in an unidentifiable place.

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Werner Kraus in “Buchse Der Pandora” (Werner Kraus in ‘Pandora’s Box’)

A portrait of German actor Werner Kraus slouching in a chair wearing a tuxedo and top hat and holding a lit cigar or cigarette.

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A depiction of two figures drawn in outline. One figure is laying on his back stretched out on the ground and the other is standing hunched over with his or her head bent downward.

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Interieur mit zwei Akten (Interior with Two Nudes)

A nude woman is sitting in the centre of the image petting what appears to be a cat. A nude male figure stands behind her on the right behind a table. A fish on a plate and a plant are on the table.

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Der Tod (Death)

An uncovered figure laying on a bed with death hovering over it. Death’s hands are gripping the figure’s chest.

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Two Fighting Men

Two gladiators or soldiers fighting; both are wearing Roman-looking armour and both are wielding swords and shields.

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Portrait of a Man

A portrait of a jovial-looking man wearing a cap and toasting with the drink in his right hand.

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For The Law Was Given By Moses But Grace And Truth Came By Jesus Christ

An abstracted geometric figure adapted from a painting. ‘For the law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ’ is written around the figure.

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Portrait of an Actor

Waist-length portrait of a man. He is in profile, looking over his right shoulder at the viewer.

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Der Henker (The Executioner)

A fat, bald, executioner wearing a knee-length cloak with what appears to be a sword poking out from beneath it

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Rathaus von Zottelstedt, 2 (Town Hall of Zottelstedt 2)

A geometrically abstracted cityscape showing a town hall.

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