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Die Carmagnole (The Carmagnole)

A group of distraught-looking men and women are gathered around a guillotine in the square of a town with very tall and close buildings. Several of the figures are crying and most have their arms in the air reaching toward the guillotine. A stream of blood is trailing from the the guillotine, over the cobbled street and through the crowd. A man in the front left corner of the composition is playing a snare drum.

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Plugziehr und Weib (Ploughman and his Wife)

A man is hunched over, struggling to pull a plow through a farm field. A woman in a long dark dress in guiding the plow as the man pulls.

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Gesenkter Frauenkipf (Woman with Bowed Head)

A close-up portrait of an old woman who is slightly bent forward, gazing at the floor.

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Die Pfluger (The Ploughman)

Two very tired-looking men are struggling to pull a plow through a field.

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Arbeitslosigkeit (Unemployment)

An old man sits with his hands clenched against his cheeks next to his wife’s bed. The woman is sleeping with a baby in her arms and two young children cuddled and sleeping against her.

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Tod und Frau (Death and Woman)

A nude woman is struggling against death and her head is thrown back in agony. Death, as a skeleton, is binding the woman’s arms behind her back and its legs are crossed over the woman’s. A small nude child is trying to reach up to the woman’s face.

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Tod, Frau und Kind (Death, Woman, and Child)

A woman pulls her child close to her. The two figures are surrounded by darkness. Both of their eyes are closed, however, the child’s eyes are very dark.

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Ruf Des Todes (Call of Death)

A bony and thin hand with veins showing is lightly touching a man’s shoulder. The man is shown from chest up with his head facing the hand and his left arm with his elbow resting on something with his hand pointing upwards.

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Selbstbildnis Im Profil Nach Rechts (Self Portrait in Profile Facing Right)

A self-portrait of the artist in profile from waist up and facing right.

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Faust Impressionen, Op: XII

A portfolio comprised of nine prints depicting scenes from Faust stories. (1) The portfolio cover shows a multitude of nude figures in different positions on a dark background. (2) ‘Kaiserliche Pfalz (Imperial Kaiserpfalz)’: a bustling celebration in the courtyard of Kaiserpfalz palace in Kaiserpfalz, Germany. There is a band including drummers, trumpeters, and a harpist on the balcony. There are jugglers and acrobats on the right side and people dancing in the centre. Under the balcony, a kingly-looking man is standing. There are many onlookers, some people on horse and camel-back, and a dog in the lower left corner. (3) ‘Die Lamien’: female figures, lamina, which are vampire-like women from Greek mythology, seducing and killing men around a bubble of light. All of the figures are nude. (4) ‘Walpurgisnaißt (Walpurgis Night)’: a night scene of a witches’ sabbat with a nude figure fleeing from a multitude of animals, people, and imaginary creatures. The attacking figures include, lions, iguanas, cougars, snakes, alligators, lobsters, frogs, men, women, crabs, armadillos, lizards, mice, cobras, ducks, turtles, monkeys, and bears. (5) ‘Hexensabbat (Witches’ Sabbat)’: a witches’ sabbat or a fictional Satanic ritual dance around a fire. There are many animals and nude figures dancing erratically around a large bonfire. (6) ‘Dem Volke...’: several pairs of men fighting on a town green. On the left there is a table with several women smiling. On the right, there are two musicians, a violinist and a cellist playing music. There are several barns in the background. (7) ‘Homünculus’: figures descending into Hell and other figures ascending into Heaven. At the top, baby Jesus Christ is surrounded in a halo. Several intellectual looking men encircle him and seem to be examining Jesus. There is a steep cliff with an early Romanesque church on the left. (8) ‘Pharsalische Felder (Pharsalian Fields)’: a witches’ sabbat or Walpurgis Night. A solitary nude man surrounded by harpies, lions, ants, men, women, and sphinxes. (9) ‘Die Anachoreten (The Anachorites)’: several figures dressed in monk’s robes praying at the base of a large geological structure. An image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus Christ hovers above the peak surrounded by angels, cherubs, and putti and a halo. There are two lions with the religious men. (10) ‘Die Mütter (The Mothers)’: several women writhing on the ground, each around a tree. In the middle ground a nude man plows a field. The background shows cities, a clock tower, ships, and a zeppelin.

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Portfolio comprised of a cover, a table of contents, and nine lithographs. Each lithograph depicts a different scene from Bucovina a region in the Carpathian Mountains straddling the border of Romania and Ukraine. Contents of portfolio is written in Romanian. (1) The portfolio cover is folded. The left side of the cover shows various groupings of Slavic looking people engaged in daily actives. Bucovina is written in bold script near the top. The right side shows a portrait of an older man wearing a fur hat and smoking a pipe. (2) The table of contents has a two stalks of sunflowers on the left side and a hedgehog on the right side. A list of the ten lithographs is also written on the page. (3) ‘Cernăuţi, Piaţa Unirii cu Primăria’: a bird’s eye view of the city centre of Chernivisti, Ukraine. People are walking around on their daily chores, a tram car goes through the centre of town and large old buildings span the background. (4) ‘Cernăuţi, cimiturul uechiu eureesc’: a very crowded cemetery in Chernivisti with many headstones. There is a cloudy sky in the background. (5) ‘In lunca Siretului’: a landscape with a view across a body of water. An egret is flying across the sky and sun streaks down through the clouds. (6) ‘Templu evreesc din Cernăuţi’: the Jewish section of Chernivtsi, Ukraine. A synagogue is in the background and many Jewish people are milling in the square going about their daily activities. (7) ‘Mânăstirea Voroneţ (Voronet Monastery)’: a view from the nave of the beautiful 15th century Voronet Monastery in Bucovina, Romania. (8) ‘Suceviţa’: a monastery. An old priest walks through the gardens on the side of Suceviţa Monastery in Suceviţa, Romania. (9) ‘Oinmormăntare la Horecea’: a funeral procession walking with a coffin past the cemetery down to the Orthodox church bellow. (10) ‘Horă la o Nuntă ţărănească (Dance at the Peasant Wedding)’:an outdoor scene of a peasant wedding. People are drinking and dancing. (11) ‘Oborul din Rădăvţi’: a scene of a cattle and horse auction. There are several tents set up and a multitude of cows and horses tied up in lines. Men are walking around talking to each other.

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Auf Der Flucht Nach Aegypten, Opus XXLV (During the Flight Into Egypt, Opus XXLV)

Portfolio comprised of a cover page, a table of contents, and eight prints: Die Tiere, Die Ueberfuhr, Die Raüber, Durch Gewitter und Gefahren, Anden Wachen Vorbei, Die Oase, Vrdem Stadttor and Unter Gasteichem Dache. (1)The background of the portfolio cover page has small putti or angel faces with wings in different positions and with differing facial expressions over the entire page. Superimposed over the angels is script, ‘Auf der Flucht nach Aegypten, Radierungen von O. Laske opus XXLV; (2) The second page is printed on both sides. The title page reads, ‘Auf der Flucht nach Aegypten/ acht Radierungen von Oskar Laske/ Rikola Verlag/ Verlag Neuer Graphik/ Wein, Berlin, Leipzig, München/ 1922.’ The table of contents page reads, ‘Inhalt der Mappe/ Die Tiere/ Die Ueberfuhr/ Die Rauber/ Durch Gewitter und Gefahren/ An den Wachen Vorbei/ Die Oase/ Vor dem Stadttor/ Unter Gasteichem Dache/ Dieses Mappe wurde in einer numerierten Auflage von/ 100 Exemplaren Hergestellt. Die Radierugen wurden/ von Künstler signiert. Die Mappen No. I-XV/ enthalten eine von Künstler Kolorierte Radierung/ Dies ist die nummer: 56; (3) ‘Die Tiere (The Animals)’: A landscape with the Virgin Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus Christ, and their donkey sitting under a tree. Many animals including, a bear, egrets, a leopard, a lion, a fox, deer, and other birds are greeting the family; (4) ‘Die Ueberfuhr (The Relocation)’: A view of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus Christ, and their donkey on a ferry boat in a lush landscape with palm trees, birds, and a mountain in the background; (5) ‘Raüber (Robber)’: The Virgin Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus Christ, and their donkey are sitting in a clearing in the woods. They are illuminated by a ray of light which breaks the darkness of the forest around them. They are being approached by five dark figures; (6) ‘Gewitter (Tempest)’: The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus Christ are riding on their donkey being led by Joseph through a turbulent storm. An angel flies above the small group and a ray of light breaks through the stormy clouds, illuminating Mary on the donkey; (7) ‘An den Wachen Vorbei (Guards Over)’: A view of the Holy Family walking through a crowded marketplace; (8) ‘Die Oase (The Oasis)’: The Holy Family stopping at a desert oasis along with several other travelers. Monkeys play in the trees above the small pool; (9) ‘Vor dem Stadttor (Before the Gate)’: The Virgin Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus Christ sitting on a bench in front of the entrance to a walled city with people gathering around them in awe; (10) ‘Unter Gastlichem Dache (Under a Welcoming Roof)’: A view of the Holy Family sitting around a table with several other figures, eating a meal. The table is under a thatched porch of a small house.

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A view of a zoo with nine humans inside a large cage while llamas, tigers, bears, monkeys, and giraffes observe. In the background, the corner of an ornate yellow building is visible.

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Ecce Homo (Behold the Man)

A famous Christian scene of Pontius Pilate presenting Jesus Christ to the crowd in Jerusalem and announcing, “Ecce Homo” shortly before Christ’s crucifixion. In the crowd people are very animated; they are jeering, pointing, dancing, and yelling. There is one man on horseback. Jesus and Pilate are on a stage in front of a tall building with Corinthian columns.

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Schnee und Nebel (Snow and Fog)

A landscape of a partially snow-covered field in the foreground with several figures walking back to the town in the fog. The figures and the town are obscured by the fog.

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Faust's Tod (Faust’s Death)

In the midground, four cloaked people are praying. In the foreground, Faust is sitting atop a pile of human corpses, likely in Hell. He is pleading with a woman saint or angel who is in Heaven and surrounded by cherubs or putti.

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The Artist Painting in His Studio

A view of an old and balding man wearing a polka dotted smock and a scarf and smoking a pipe, sitting on a box painting on a large canvas. He is holding a large palette and a paint brush in his left and and is painting on the canvas with his right hand. The canvas is on an easel and the back of the canvas is facing the view. Behind the easel, there is a radiator or space heater with a measuring cup on it and there is steam rising from the cup.

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Konzert (Concert)

The image is composed within a circular border. A tree on the right side of the circle contains four monkeys. Three of the monkeys are playing musical instruments (from left to right: a violin, a cello, and a trumpet). The fourth monkey sits on a separate branch and is conducting the other three. Surrounding the four monkeys, a plethora of animals are dancing. There are various types of birds, a bat, a bear, a cat, a giraffe, a dragonfly, a butterfly, a goat, and an ostrich.

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Pionier arbeit ad Weichsel (Pioneer Working at Vistula)

A landscape showing many men working on scaffolding over the Vistula river in Poland. The men are engaged in various activities working on their project. Some are in boats, one is working on a tent, others are climbing the scaffolding, and others are working on land. In the background a shadowed forest and a house is visible.

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Wasserjunge (Water Boys)

A landscape showing three duck hunters and a dog on the shore. Two hunters are in row boats and the third man is standing on the shore with a gun. Two ducks are flying over the water and rays of sunlight are shining through the heavily clouded sky down to the water. Mountains are visible in the background.

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Der Venusberg (The Venusberg)

A view of the mythical mountain in Germany, Venusberg. Supposedly the hidden home of the Roman goddess Venus, the fictional area is now considered to be centre of ultimate eroticism. The print shows multiple nude couples together, encircling a pond. On the far side of the pond there is a small Roman-esque temple with a putti or cherub on top. On the bottom left corner there is a single, clothed man on horseback, possibly Knight Tannhaüser from legend.

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Sommernachtstraum (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

A print based on William Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A view of a lush forest with large tree in the centre and the sun in background. A man with a donkey's head, Nick Bottom, sits with the queen of the fairies, Titania. One fairy, possibly Puck, sits above Nick Bottom and Titania on a branch of the tree and five other fairies gather below the couple. Two clothed figures stand to the left of the tree. A gecko runs along the bottom left of image and an owl sits in the tree looking below.

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Arche (Kleine)

A print showing the Old Testament story of Noah’s Ark. The wooden ark sits wedged between two rocks with water below. There are several planks leading to the openings of the ark on which pairs of a plethora of animals (including snakes, monkeys, giraffes, hippopotamuses, polar bears, zebras, ibexes, camels, antelopes, donkeys, caribou, tigers, flamingos, ostriches, emus, and kangaroos) and humans are walking up. Several lines of various birds are also flying into the ark from above.

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Die Rasher

A print of the famous New Testament story of The Flight into Egypt. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus sit in a clearing surrounded by large trees. They are illuminated and have halos. The are being approached by four men, possibly a shepherd and the Magi.

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Till Eulenspiegel

A depiction of the Medieval German character, Till Eulenspiegel doing tricks on a tightrope over a very crowded street. The street is lined with buildings and packed with people. In the background a looming Gothic church is visible.

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