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Fall & Winter Pangnirtung

Snow-covered mountains, Pangnirtung, Nunavut

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Polar Night

Two polar bears seated on the ground with their ‘arms’ around each other admiring the Northern Lights

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Thought of Tomorrow

Hunter pursuing a seal with a spear

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Thought of Flying

Man being carried off by a large bird

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Arctic Turns [sic]

Flock of Arctic terns

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Playing Tag

Boys and girl playing tag

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Charging Bear

Polar bear attacking a hunter and his dog

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Flowing (Flying)

Man set against a large bird with wings outstretched; a large drum is by his side

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Atitaleq (polar bears)

Mother polar bear with her cub

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Drum Dance

Drum dancer set against two inukshuks

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Season Has Arrived

Hunter surrounded by a polar bear, fish and walrus

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Heading Home

Man with his dog team and sled

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Three cranes

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Arctic Wolfs [sic]

Arctic wolves following caribou tracks in the snow

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Drum dancer with igloo in the background together with howling dogs; Northern Lights are in the sky

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Kakivak Fishing

Man holding a speared fish

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A school of Arctic char

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Mother and Son

A woman (Samantha Qappik), who has a tattooed face and braided hair, packing her baby boy in her amautik

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In the foreground, a man is sitting at a child’s bedside. He appears to be in anguish as he cups his head in his hands looking at the child. The child is very pale, small, and sickly looking and is dwarfed by the bed with the blankets pulled up to his shoulders. In the background a woman and child are shadowed by the paned window as they hover in the corner of the room.

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Tod (Death)

This very dark and bleak image includes several figures. In the background, a man is sitting slumped over with his head leaning against a wall. Another figure, Death, touches the slumped man with a finger. A small child is highlighted, crouched against the wall and squished in between Death and the sitting man. Another man is standing between the viewer and the other three figures with his back toward the viewer. His hands are folded behind his back and his head is bowed at the scene before him.

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Beratung (Conspiracy)

Two men are huddled close together as if whispering, sitting at a table in a dark corner of a room.

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Weberzug (Marching Weavers)

A group of ragged and worn-looking men, women, and children are marching along a shoreline. Some of the workers are carrying axes and scythes.

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Sturm (Storm)

A group of ragged angry-looking men, women, and children are gathering at a high, ornate, metal gate. The peasants are shouting and gathering stones from the cobbled street as they push against the gate.

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Aufruhr (Insurrection)

A group of angry-looking men are marching. The man in the lead is carrying a large flag high in the air. The other men are carrying weapons such as axes, hatchets, and scythes. An ethereal looking female figure is floating above the mob, apparently leading the men on their march.

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Hamburger Kneipe (Hamburg Tavern)

In the foreground, a man and an old woman are dancing in the centre of the tavern. In the background, several people are sitting at tables. One man, sitting on a chair, is playing the accordion.

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