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My Daughter Ceporah with Buffy

The artist’s daughter, Ceporah, carrying her puppy Buffy in her amautik; a crescent moon is in the sky

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Luminous Char

A group of Arctic char underwater

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Sensing to Perceive

Polar bear and cub in a hilly landscape

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Roaming Walruses

Three walruses swimming underwater

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Thirst Reflected

Polar bear reflected while drinking water

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String Games

Children playing a string game

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Eager for a Catch

Hunter with a bow and arrow surrounded by fish, caribou and birds

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Magic Caribou (2 men, 3 caribous)

Two hunters, one with a bow and arrow, on their knees; in the distance are caribou

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Untitled (4 hunters, 2 motor boats, & inukshuk)

Several men on a cliff, one of which is aiming his rifle; motor boat is moored at the base of the cliff

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Heading Out

Man heading out with his dog team and sled; a woman is peering out from the igloo

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Untitled (Birds over water with islands in background)

Birds in flight over a watery landscape

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Grandfather Remembers

The grandfather, who is holding a bow and arrow, telling a story to his grandchildren. A dead caribou lays between them.

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Face to Face

Polar bear attacking a man and woman who are defending themselves with a spear and ulu

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Preparing to Leave

Man together with his dogs in front of an igloo

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Flying over Beluga

Large bird together with small beluga whales in flight

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In His Mother's Steps

Mother polar bear with her cub

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Ring Seals

Two seals in a snowy landscape

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Roaming As One

A pod of beluga whales

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Mother and child

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With a Bite

Canada goose diving for a fish

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Ice Fishing

Man fishing through an ice hole using a spear

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Hide & Seek

Children playing hide and seek

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Spiritual Dance

Men and woman drum dancing

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Rowdy Dogs

Man with his dog team and sled

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Specified Route

Inukshuk dominating the foreground with a man paddling a kayak in the distance

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