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Oxford from North Hinskey Hill

Picnic scene with men, women and children in tall grass in foreground; city of Oxford, in valley, in distance

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Les deux belles-soeurs

Woman in white and red dress at left; woman in black dress at center; both women near black table; arm of chair at b.l.

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Notre Dame - Ile de la Cite/NOTRE DAME, CITE

Waterfront view of buildings and cathedral of Notre Dame

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Great Stables - Chantilly - France

High archway, with iron gates, flanked by massive columns, similar to Roman amphitheatre

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Vezelay, the Basilica

Entrance way into Basilica at Vezelay

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V├ęzelay - the Procession

Religious processional from cathedral

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L'Arcade Noyers

View of French village street from stone archway

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Notre - Dame - Dijon

View of cathedral

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Man, cart in narrow street lined with buildings at each side

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Rue des Toiles Bourges

Cobblestoned, village street

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Works #2 France

Grouping of factories with huge smoke stacks

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L'Usine France

Industrial buildings at river bank

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Centrale Electrique

Hydro plant (?) at water's edge

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Sur L'Yvrette Bourges

Buildings along canal-way in village

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Rue Miribeau Bourges

Horse and cart on cobblestoned village street

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Hartford - Connecticut - Statehouse (Bulfinch)

Front view of Bulfinch State House, Hartford, Conn.

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Arc de Triumphe - Paris France

Close-up view of the Arc de Triumphe

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Aux Pays Desole - France

Crumbled ruins of building in charred forest

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Notre Dame, the Sanctuary Paris France

Interior view of Notre Dame Cathedral

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Eight Reclining Figures with Architectural Background

Colour Lithograph. 4 rows each with 2 reclining figures; grey figures at top, followed by yellow figures, then grey, then green

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Cook's Creek

2 cows walking over bridge over creek

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The Waterfall

Colour Woodcut. A leaning tree trunk and branches over waterfall

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Lake McArthur

Colour Woodcut. Rocky shoreline overlooking lake & mountains

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Simoom B.C.

Waterfront wooden buildings reflected in water

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Rain. Lake of the Woods

Colour Woodcut. Tree trunks on rock overlooking water; small island in background shrouded by rain/mist

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