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Farm on the Hill

Farm set in rolling hills

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Farm on Highway 10 (Farmyard Scene)

4 people at fence gate, approaching farm yard

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Two Figures


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Colour Woodcut. Black, white and red bird on green background

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Woman ("Death") shrouded in black

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The Autumn Land

Treed, hilly landscape

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White Trees

Bare, white trees against green, forest-like background

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Soleil dans la Futaie

Sun shining through various tree forms

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Wood Forms

Gnarled, decayed tree trunks

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Head and shoulders of bearded man

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Summer Idyll

Colour Woodcut. Nude, young girl in lakeshore clearing, kneeling and holding arms up to sky

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Prairie Elevator

Colour Woodcut. Lone prairie elevator beyond barbed-wire fence

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Poplar Bay

Colour Woodcut. Two sailboats on water; rock with lone pine tree on right side of image.

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Howe Sound

Colour Woodcut. A lone pine tree in foreground overlooking water enclosed by mountains

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Flying Island

Colour Woodcut. Foreground of orange-coloured leaves on branch over- looking small island

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Jim King's Wharf, Alert Bay, B.C.

Colour Woodcut. Two men on wharf; 3 men in canoe approaching wharf

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Lake of the Woods

Colour Woodcut. A woman standing under oak tree, on beach, looking out over lake

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Siwash House Posts, Tsatsisnukomi, B.C.

Colour Woodcut. A close-up of 2 totem poles overlooking beach and water

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Mt. St. Nicholas

Colour Woodcut. A close-up of a mountain peak

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Summer Night

Colour Woodcut. A young girl and boy standing near riverbank; lights on opposite shore reflected over water

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Summer Cottage

A cottage/home with verandah on hill; large pine tree

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Mountain Road

Colour Woodcut. A winter scene; snow-covered mountain road

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Ski Lodge

Colour Woodcut. 3 skiers on mountain top and one "on-looker" - all by ski lodge; one skier coming towards them

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Gerran's Bay, B.C.

Colour Woodcut. Man carrying oars up bank to boat house; sailing vessel in background

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Rapids surrounded by walls of jagged rock

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