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The University, Glasgow

Large cathedral-like building at top of treed hill; building and trees reflected in body of water in foreground

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Woolworth Building New York

New York street scene with Woolworth Building as focal point

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Factory on the River

Winding river in foreground; factories and bridge in top left and centre background

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Rustic Scene

Gypsy camp scene: woman at door of wagon; 3 men by tree; horse grazing in open area

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Dutch Girl

Young Dutch girl sitting on wooden bench by brick fireplace

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Rochester Cathedral

Old bearded man with cane standing near brick wall by archway entrance to cathedral

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The Blacksmith's Yard

Man standing borse in factory courtyard on city street; livery stable (?) at left

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Train Siding

Train track; 2 men in foreground; 3 in background; church

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Farm Children - 1941

Peasant woman standing in doorway of farmhouse and holding hands with young boy and girl

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Portrait of Jules Dalou; Man's Head

Head and shoulders portrait of bearded man

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Sheep grazing near village/farm nestled in valley

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River Scene; River Boats

Riverbank scene; sailboats at opposite shore

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The Red River at Winnipeg (Red River #3)

Docked boats in foreground; city scape across water in backgound

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Mountain Torrent

Colour Woodcut. Water rushing over rocks; two mountains

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The Vapours Round the Mountain Curled

Colour Woodcut. Mountain top encased in blue-grey vapour/mist; tree branch with pinky-mauve blossoms

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Book Worm (2)

Old man in chair beside table bent over book which is opened on his lap

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St. John's Cemetery, Winnipeg

Tombstones and chapel in cemetery yard

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St. Margaret's Westminster

St. Margaret's Cathedral from across courtyard

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A Festival Day on the Ganges

Numerous tiers of stone steps leading from temple-like structure at t.c. to water at b.; scattered people on steps and at water's edge, bathing; 3 gondolas at b.r.

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Tree-lined, curved country road

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Union Station, Winnipeg (C.N.R. Station, Winnipeg)

View of CNR Station, Winnipeg, from opposite side of street

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Ergo Sum

Two heads, one above the other

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Abstract composition: 2 puppet-like figures with hinge-like limbs at centre of image

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Abstract composition of irregular shapes; black mass on right; light mass on left

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The Health House (Paraphrase)

Abstract composition resembling open, unfinished stories of large building under construction; "steps" in center foreground

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