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Folded Arms at Winnipeg Railroad Yard

Plastic figurine of a First Nations man with his arms folded in front of him. Behind him is a train with containers on flatbed cars in the Winnipeg, Manitoba railroad yard.

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Satiric Dancer, Paris

A woman wearing high heels and a strapless short dress reclining on a divan; statue of nude torso to left; photograph of statue of nude female on wall

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Young boys, most of whom appear to be pre-occupied with something on the ground, are gathering in front of a building with numerous square windows. A plump, elderly man with a suit and hat is walking amidst the children.

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Bengali Labourer

Three quarter length portrait of a young male Bengali labourer, nude from the waist up. The figure is turned slightly to one side with his hands on his head clasping what looks like a woven mat. On the figure's head there is a white garment.

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Edna Best, Actress

Three quarter length frontal portrait of a female with short dark hair wearing a pendant, reclining against a wooden stool

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A woman with two children. A little girl is to the left and a child in his mother's arms is on the right. The child is looking to his left. Both the woman and the little girl are looking down. Head and shoulders portrait.

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Two Girls Asleep Under Their Caribou Skins During the Famine at Padlei, NWT

Two girls, Pipkaknak (Pip’s) daughters, Agartook,18, and Keenalik, 9, asleep under their caribou skins during the famine at Padlei, NWT

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