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"Les ouvriers" Labrador City

Man standing in front of the wheel of a large vehicle

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triptyque panneauramique

Three images assembled horizontally depicting a transit bus travelling in an undeveloped area; column shaped barriers are distributed along the side of the road

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Effeuillement sequentiel et dichotomique en vibrations formelles ou plus simplement GLAD STORY

A seven part assemblage consisting of two repeating images; from the right to the left side a sign post and a female figure appear in progressive stages, being wrapped in plastic garbage bags; the post disappears and the figure eventually emerges entirely

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Sydney Buckener, Fern Beaudry, and Terry Plowman, Trammers

Portrait of three miners, Sydney Buckener, Fern Beaudry, and Terry Plowman, Trammers, at the 1000 level on Inco T-1 Thompson Mine

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Brian Ward, Driller

Portrait of Brian Ward, Driller, at 2400 level

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Don Johnson

Portrait of Don Johnson, a Miner

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Portrait of two miners

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Portrait of Picasso with his right hand resting on his head

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Sir Cecil Beaton

Sir Cecil Beaton, wearing a straw hat and holding a walking stick, is seated on a chair in the centre of an ornately furnished room

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Martha Graham

Martha Graham, weraing a full length cloak, is standing in front of a wall with a dance bar running along the entire length of it

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Georgia O'Keefe, Ghost Ranch

Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe in front of an easel on which is mounted the head skeleton, including the horns, of a Bighorn sheep

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Igor Stravinsky

Portrait of Igor Stravinsky seated at an open grand piano

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Picasso, Villa de California

Picasso, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, is sitting on a chair in a large room surrounded by works of art

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Bill Brandt

Portrait of Bill Brandt sitting in armchair; in background there is a dressing screen, artworks, a phonograph and some books

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David Hockney, London

David Hockney standing partially behind a painting; at left of composition there is a sink with bottles and brushes on it

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Sir William Walton, Royal Albert Hall, London

Several music stands with sheet music on them; Sir William Walton is seated in front of one of the stands looking over his right shoulder

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Igor Stravinsky, at rehearsal, NYC

Igor Stravinsky sitting at a table looking at a book; checkerboard floor receding into distance

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Pink Feather Duster

Pink Feather Duster on a white satin background

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Red Duster

Red duster with yellow handle on a white satin background

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Six coloured sponges in a plastic bag on a white satin background

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Toilet Brush

Yellow toilet brush on white satin background

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Rubber Gloves

Two yellow rubber gloves on white satin background

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Glass Cleaner

Bottle of blue glass cleaner on a white satin background

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White Soap Bottle

White Soap Bottle on a white satin background

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Dust Pan & Brush

Orange dustpan and brush on white satin background

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