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The Place de la Concorde on a rainy day, Paris

Four men in suits and hats crossing a wet street

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Montmartre (The Stairs of Montmartre, Paris)

Two flights of stairs leading to a cobblestone street below

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Railroad Station, New York

Stairwell leading to railway platform where people are waiting; railroad tracks receding into distance

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Sidewalk, Paris

Water in the gutter of a cobblestone street

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Aux Halles, Paris

The shadow of the wheels and underside of a cart is cast on the road upon which it is travelling

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Telephone Wires, Paris

Telephone wires juxtaposed against the sky

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Near Pont de Grenelle, Paris

A flight of steps leading down to a cobblestone quais with boats in the water

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Lost Cloud, New York

A cloud in the sky beside the facade of a skyscraper

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Elizabeth, Paris

Portrait showing the right half of a woman's face; the right hand of another person is resting on her right shoulder

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Self portrait, Paris

Shadow cast on a wall of Andre Kertesz holding a lamp

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Paul Dermée, Enrico Prampolini and Michel Seuphor, Paris

Three men seated beside travelling gear and various types of electronic equipment

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Tristan Tzara, Paris

Portrait of Tristan Tzara; monocle in right eye; right hand on door jamb

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Lajos Tihanyi, Paris

Three quarter length portrait of Louis Tihanyi smoking a cigarette

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Colette, Paris

A woman reclining on a divan with her left hand resting on a table which has a container of flowers on it

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Piet Mondrian in his studio, Paris

Portrait of Piet Mondrian seated on a wicker chair in his studio

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Miss Johnson, Paris

A young woman with her cape wrapped around her like a blanket is seated behind an iron railing at the base of a door

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Sergei Eisenstein, Paris

Eisenstein, leaning on a box, is seated on the floor beside a geometric patterned rug with an open book on it

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Elizabeth and I in a cafe in Montparnasse, Paris

A couple sitting at a table with dishes on it; the woman has her glass raised

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Chagall and Bella, Paris

Portrait of Marc Chagall standing beside his first wife, Bella, who is seated on a chair in front of a desk with books and papers on it

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Portrait in a Globe, Paris

Reflection in a globe of a girl with her face resting on her hand

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Distortion, Paris

Horizontal distortion of a nude female lying in the fetal position

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Distortion No 82, Paris

Vertical distortion of back view of a nude female; stylized shell motif in background

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Underwater Swimmer, Esztergom

Figure swimming underwater

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Distortion, New York

Vertical distortion of a stemmed glass

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Melancholic Tulip, New York

The stem of a tulip in a vase is bent over so that the head of the flower is almost touching the ground

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