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Monument and Tree, Toronto

A large column-shaped monument is depicted directly in front of the trunk of a large tree

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An elderly man is walking along a foot path in a field and is approaching a pair of rubber boots

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A group of military personnel are standing in front of an exterior wall on which are displayed photographic portraits

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An elderly couple are at the entrance to a garden; the man is seated and smoking a pipe, the woman is standing and holding onto the high fence

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An elderly man is standing in front of an oversized poster of Lenin

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A figure walking away from the viewer under a large statue of two horses with riders which extends over the path

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A father and child are walking in front of a female flower vendor; a shop window with buttons displayed is in the background

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A man is seated on a box holding a bird, his crutch is leaning against a stack of wooden boxes

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A large group of people are in front of a wall with a religious mural painted on it

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A field with small haystacks in front of a treed area; a woman is raking in the distance at the right of the composition

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A One Hour (Zero) Conversation with Allan B.

An assemblage of 30 individual black and white photos (5x6") depicting the artist in the duration of a conversation.

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Siesta Key, Florida

A row of lounges and two wind damaged palm trees along a beach

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Trans Canada At Winnipeg

A curved intersection on the Trans Canada highway in winter

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A Thunderbird car is parked on a curved driveway by a large vacant area with a new development in the distance

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M. Charbonneau, aveugle et sa cousine Rose, sourde, rue Hotel-de-Ville, Montreal, 1973

An elderly man and woman posed standing in front of the window in their crowded room.

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Le Gramophone, Senneville, Quebec

An elderly man wearing tattered clothing is playing an old gramophone

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A young girl is playing with toys behind the stairs of a curved building situated in a large building complex

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Paris. Bois de Boulogne

Two men (twins) are seated on a park bench in the foreground and four people are seated in the right background in front of a wooded area

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Paris - Forum des Halles

A dog is walking in front of a painted fence in the foreground; a man is walking in the distance across an empty concrete lot

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A newspaper booth beside a McDonald's Restaurant sign

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Untitled #11

A back view of a woman wearing a horizontal striped dress, crouched down and and looking through boxes of L.P.'s

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Untitled #17

A female vendor seated beside a cart with stained glass objects displayed on it

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Untitled #34

A clothing vendor in front of a van; a woman is inside a large cardboard box which is set up as a dressing room

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Untitled #35

An elderly man is seated beside a display with dolls and pictures

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Untitled #50

A young woman is seated in the front seat of an old car; an infant's garment is suspended on the open door

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