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Bilking the Toll

3 men on horse-drawn sleigh "bilking the toll"

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The Dakota Boat

Five First Nations individuals standing by a teepee on the south side of the Assiniboine River. Across the river, the paddlewheel riverboat, the 'Dakota' boat is moored adjacent to Upper Fort Garry.

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The Pope Blessing Charles V

Scarlet robed Pope with crozier emerging from pillared doorway, followed by bishops and cardinals; Pope blessing Charles V, clad in gold armour and green tunic accompanied by armed soldiers; groups of mounted soldiers in background with castle and mountainous landscape behind.

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Portrait of a Lady

Seated woman, with arms folded in front of her waist, wearing a medieval burgundy dress and a large chain link ornament around her neck. On her head, she wears a small hat with a grey feather; her hair is bound in a jewelled net

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Christ and Two Evangelists

at c. - Christ in scarlet robe with Crown of thorns; evangelist in green and rose robe at l.; evangelist in gold and white robe at r.; 4 people on knees, praying, at Christ's feet

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St. Christopher

St. Christopher, ankle-deep in water; gripping staff in both hands, Christ child on his shoulders; both St. Christopher and Christ wear halos of incised gold leaf

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Portrait of a Man

Portrait of man in black cloak with long, brown fur piece draped from his neck and white lace collar; man holds small red book in his left hand

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Portrait of Johann Neudörfer the Elder

Portrait of man in black jacket with brown trim and white ruffled collar; coat of arms at t.l.; inscription in German at t.r.

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St. Catherine on the Wheel

The painting shows the scene in which, after converting the empress, Saint Catherine is subjected to torture on wheels spiked with iron blades which were to tear into her body. The wheels were miraculously broken, however, by a thunderbolt which blinded the torturers charged with turning them. The nearly nude saint is kneeling in prayer and looks unperturbed. Around her neck she is wearing a necklace decorated with a piece of coral. In front of a brocade, the wife of the emperor and probably an attendant watch the miracle.

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Scene from an Altarpiece

Two scenes from an altarpiece; left panel: The Healing of Sick at the pool of Bathseda, and The Miracle of the Loaves (at right); two panels hinged at center to form half-circle shape

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Adoration of the Magi

Virgin Mary holding Christ Child on her lap, surrounded by 3 Wise Men; city at t.r.; canal and bridge over which men on horse back cross; brilliant star at t.c.

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Portrait of John I of Saxony

Portrait of bearded John I of Saxony; dark, beret-style hat and cloak; white, lacy shirt; 2 pages of German script adhered to b. half of work; 2 lines of German script adhered at t.r.

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In the Orchard

Orchard with pathway at c. of composition; scattered hens in foreground; at c. middleground woman in red skirt holding large straw basket in front of her

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Kandy (Tropical Landscape)

Small lagoon surrounded by palm trees and hills; artist's notations overall

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Distant, Superior Algoma

Bird's eye view of tree tops; hills at right, lake at left

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Lake O'Hara

Bird's eye view of Lake O'Hara, surrounded by mountains.

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The Beaver Dam

Large beaver dam in heavily wooded area

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The Barn

A woman bending over tending garden in front of large barn; leafy trees behind

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West Coast Landscape

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Landscape with Rock and Mountains

Landscape with rock and mountains

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West Coast Rocks

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On the Hillside

4 cows grazing along fence on hillside

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Stooks and Trees

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Farmhouse Interior - Snowflake, Manitoba

A wood stove at centre of composition; staircase with landing at right of stove, broken chair at bottom of stairs; doorway at left of stove; bed or couch at b.l. foreground.

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The Boy with a Red Cap

Portrait of boy; bare shoulders; short brown hair; red cap

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