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Driftwood and Apple

A watercolour painting of a still-life with a red apple and a piece of driftwood laying on brown fabric. The painting is done with a stippling technique.

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Garages in Winter

View of a row of garages in the snow.

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Path Through The Trees

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Fruit and Book

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Three Apples on a Purple Plate

Three apples on a plate

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Yellow Trees, Assiniboine Park

Treed landscape

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Mr. Robert Smith

Portrait of man in formal attire; man is holding spectacles in hands

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Mrs. Robert Smith [Dr. Margaret Cuthbertson]

Portrait of seated woman in green plaid and black outfit; left hand up by mouth; right hand holding envelope

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Oriental Lillies

9 lillies and 2 roses

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Wall for Hammurabi

Multi-coloured abstraction with fossil-like images overall

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Night Forms

Abstract composition resembling trees; branch forms reaching upwards

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Arctic Spring

Abstract composition

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Selkirk Regatta

Land mass from which pier extends at centre of image; abstraction of crowd scene at bottom left and bottom centre; numerous vessels on large, open area of water; bridge at top right

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Still Life

Still life abstraction; table covered with floral cloth; on table, pitcher with paint brushes at top centre; vase and cluster of fruit at right centre and right; guitar at left centre

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Fir trees in foreground; softly rolling hills beyond; scattered trees

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Rocks in Brown & Blue

Two mountain peaks predominantly blue and brown in colour

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Backyard of grey two-storey frame house; green garage at left foreground; green house at left; snow-covered yard and trees

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Death in the Arctic

Winter scene, slaughtered decapitated deer at bottom right; heap of miscellaneous camper's articles at centre left; howling wolf at top left; snow falling over all

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Willow Herb in a Regency Town

Large raspberry coloured abstraction of tree at centre of composition; bird's eye view of town and rolling hills beyond

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Nocturnal Still Life

Abstract still life on table; large aquarium behind table

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Western Inlet

Landscape; cluster of houses at centre left; fir trees at centre right; water inlet at centre background; hills or mountains in distance

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Blackened face against red, grey and gold background

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Portrait of Mr. William Craib

Portrait of a young man seated, holding a book in right hand

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Portrait of Mrs. Craib (Jean Brown)

Portrait of woman in black dress and bonnet with white lace trim

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Green Still Life

Abstraction of trees and branches

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