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Holiday Landscape

Blossoming trees in foreground; lake in middleground; three people in canoe at centre left; tree-lined far shore

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Moorland Landscape with Sunset, Collioure

Bird's eye view of treed, rolling hills predominantly in mauves and blues

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Oat field in foreground; treed hill in background

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Clouds, Lake Superior

Large bank of fluffy clouds over Lake Superior; sun reflected on water; rocks in foreground

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Still Life in Black, White and Gold

Jug of flowers at left; apple at right

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Abstract composition of rectangular shapes in grey, black, white, ochre, green, blue and red

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Eternal Spring

Landscape with non-discernable objects in foreground; small train at top right; mountains in distance

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Plants (Abstract)

Abstraction of plants; predominantly in tones of blue

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The Jar

Large, dark-coloured jug in centre foreground on red table, the edge of which runs from upper left to lower right corner; Background of light and dark brown and a light coloured skirting board

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Still Life: Two Apples

Two apples on table cloth in rust, green and brown with a grey and white background

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Broken Tree in Landscape

Broken tree in landscape

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Winter Landscape

Foreground - snow and bare trees; two houses in background; work in subdued brown, rust, blue and green

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Still Life: Three Apples

In left foreground, part of a plate; centre middleground - two apples; left middleground - one apple; Left background - bottom part of jar; In light brown, grey, red and light and dark green

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Farmyard Scene

Rabbits, hens and roosters in foreground; large straw hat with coral bandana at bottom centre - hat leans against overturned pillar; large tree at top right

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Studies of sails in watercolor (Sails)

Two sails; one reddish brown, one orangey-brown

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Bay at Equinox No. 2

Abstraction of bay in foreground; shore-line settlement at right; mountains at top left

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October Farm

Abstraction of farm yard; scattered hay stooks in left and centre foreground; 2 black cows grazing at top centre; wall of trees at top right extending down to bottom right; fall tones overall

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Woman and Interior

At centre: woman sitting on chair; vase with flowers on table at top right

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Interior Twilight

Abstraction of large wooden chair in tones of blue against multi-coloured background

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Snow-covered brush in foreground; clump of trees at left centre middleground; snow-covered field

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Grey Hills

Road winding from left into the distant hills; at centre right a red-roofed house; grey storm clouds above

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The Foghorn House

Large buildings (foghorn house) behind sea wall; overcast sky

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Shooting the Rapids

Man paddling canoe in rapids

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Man on Snowshoes

Man wearing heavy sweater, red and blue hat, brown pants, walking on snowshoes

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