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May in Perthshire

Winding river bordered by scattered trees and rocks; hills or mountains in distance

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Tower by the Sea

Large stone tower and building beside sea wall and roadway; numerous people with roadside vegetable carts

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Harbour Scene

A view of several sailboats docked in a harbour. There are people on the harbour carrying baskets and looking over the water. Across the water a city is visible through the fog.

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The Road to Beloiel

Curved road leading to treed, rural village; church spire at right

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L'enclos (L'enclos - Laurentian Hills)

Fenced-in haystacks and farm buildings

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In the Michipocoten Country

Bird's eye view of lake in centre of thickly forested area; rolling hills surround lake; rainbow at top left; large boulder in centre foreground

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South Window

Fish tank containing fish and plants in front of a double window and beside three plants. Flowered drapes hang at left of window. Visible through the windows, are a snow-covered yard with garage and snow-laden evergreens. At right, a portion of a green fence

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Governor's Garden, Quebec

Well-populated park scene; people sitting on bench in left foreground; children playing ball in right foreground

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Peasants with Goats

Man at centre surrounded by goats and sheep; woman seated on rock at right middleground; large trees behind woman; Dog lying near goats at bottom left

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Man carrying parcels or wood towards woman standing outside doorway of house; men and children by horse-drawn sleigh; buildings in distance

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Distant Lake

View of lake surrounded by dense forest. In the foreground are two bare, shaggy trunks of trees growing between slabs of rock at a height overlooking lake.

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Red River and the St. Boniface Cathedral

Large boat with enclosed cabin at left, on the Red River; St. Boniface Cathedral in background

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Spring Landscape

Shallow winding creek amidst stubble and stone-covered, treed landscape; barren trees; black bird perched on tree at centre of composition

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Lake O'Hara from Odaray

View of Lake O'Hara nestled at bottom of mountains.

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The Citadel, Besançon, France

Country village in valley; three people on road at bottom centre; buildings on top of cliff in top centre background

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On the River's Edge

Winding river; bare trees and melting snow by river's edge; trees reflected in water

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Portrait of Baron Lucas Peter de Bretton

Portrait of man in dark blue military uniform with brass buttons and elaborate gold epaulettes

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The Proposal

Interior view of cottage; woman at left sitting on stool, mending garment spread over her lap; large straw basket at left of woman; hen at bottom centre foreground; man smoking pipe standing outside half door, looking in at woman; window with half curtain at left of door

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Country Scene

Thatched-roof cottage at centre of composition at left side of dirt road; large trees behind cottage; two figures standing on road at bottom right; rolling hills in background

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Domestic Industry

Woman, young girl and young boy sitting by table; woman bent over her mending; young boy concentrates on toy soldiers lined up on table, young girl knits; wicker cradle at bottom right; bird cage by window at top centre

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Agawa River, Algoma

Agawa River in densely treed forest

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Paysage Trinidad

Country road in centre foreground; trees and mountain in background

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Sombre Isle of Pic, Lake Superior

Rocks and decayed trees in foreground; water and band of rock in background

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Aura Lee

Gnarled and decayed tree trunks on ground in foreground, small, treed island in centre of lake, c. of composition; large hill on far shore

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A Problem in White

Woman in a long white gown sitting on the edge of a bed observing a sleeping boy

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