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The Harvest (Field)

Scattered haystacks on fenced-in hill

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Skeleton of the Forest

Moss-covered, decayed tree trunk in foreground; dense forest behind

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Rapid River

Fir trees in foreground; lake on river in middleground; treed, rolling hills beyond

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H. Eric Bergman

Portrait of H. Eric Bergman in cap and jacket painting at easel

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Portrait of C.K. Gebhardt

View of C. K. Gebhardt in a studio, from the back, wearing a painter’s smock, as he paints on an easel. A stool with a box of paint is in the right foreground and the corner of a desk is in the left foreground.

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Funeral in Siberia

Soldier's funeral procession on foot across snow-covered land; buildings at t.r. horizon line

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Two Angels Playing Instruments

Two individual wing-shaped paintings; painting at left: angel playing violin; at right: angel playing mandolin

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Chicago Waterfront

Foreground; waterfront with boat; background; cityscape

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Beach Scene

Palm-like tree and driftwood on beach

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Mountain Scene

Mountains in background; water over rocky plateau in foreground

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Superimposition I

Triangular, geometric abstract composition consisting of grey, brown and beige triangles; at c.,image resembles blue cloud formation and lunar-like landscape

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Prairie Barns

Man on horseback approaching barns

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Industrial Harbour

In foreground, 3 boats tied to dock; in background, industrial buildings

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Kilchum Castle

Stone castle in middleground; tranquil body of water in foreground; cattle at water's edge at r. middleground; lush, green, hilly landscape; large hills in background

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After Rain, Kent; Pastoral Landscape

Man leading horse in field at l: farm buildings and church with steeple at l. middleground; open gate by trees at c. middleground

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Man on Bench

Man seated on a bench

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Seated Nude

Portrait of seated nude with hands clasped behind her head

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Male Nude

Male nude

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Mrs. Wheaton

Portrait of woman wearing a brimmed hat; right arm is resting on back of chair

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Bird's Hill

Landscape with trees and water at centre middleground

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Hollyhock stalks in bloom

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Nude with Red Hair

Portrait of nude with red hair

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Seated Nude - (New York, 1922)

Front view of seated nude

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Landscape with Small Bridge

Hilly landscape; small bridge in foreground; cluster of buildings and trees in background

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Landscape with Tree

Landscape with tree

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