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Demolished Bridge, Italy

Decayed shell of boat at b.c.; water at b.r.; rocky beach at middleground over which a large, decayed, stone archway (bridge) stands; hills in t.r. distance

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Portrait of a Lady

Head and shoulders portrait of young woman in black dress with white collar (oval shaped inner frame)

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Single bird in nest; sun or moon above

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The Fortune Teller

Fortune teller in orange and black outfit holding green cards in each hand

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Last Gleams - Gatineau

Man, woman and horse at edge of pond; rolling hills, trees and farm house in background

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Autumn Landscape

Rapids in foreground; trees and mountains in background

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Forest Clearing

Forest clearing; sun shining through clearing in horizon

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Lake Massawippi

Horse grazing in pasture at b.l., tree-lined lake at middleground; rolling hills in background

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Arctic Prairies

Barren, rock-laden expanse of land

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Abstract composition of red, green, yellow and blue circular forms against raw canvas background

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Mythopoeic Prairie I

Grouping of automobile wreckage in center of grassy field; wreckage incorporates surrealistic images of 3 white horses, man in suit of armour on horse bearing blue banner; nude man with open chest wound standing before V-shaped gnarled tree trunk in c. foreground

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Mythopoeic Prairie II

Surrealistic composition of scattered automobile parts and other debris in grassy field; wooden statue of woman on round wooden table in c. foreground

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Prairial Edge

Surrealistic composition of abstract forms incorporating isolated parts of human beings - heads, hands, feet; white and green 'ground'; blue background

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Black Sun

Surrealistic image of boards and miscellaneous debris in center of snow covered field; 3 nudes amidst debris; man with piglet in his arms at b.c. foreground; ladder with disc-like object on top at r.c., grey sky

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Stonewallians Lament: "Oh Lord we've got the Devil in our Souls"

Group of men, women and children at bottom of image; small train station at top left; small church at top right; large church spires at left and right of centre

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In the Window Sill

Grouping of fruit and vegetables on sill of arched window

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Kitchen Door with Ursula

View of residential street through open doorway; at b.l. young girl in pink top sits on bench reading, on balcony beyond doorway

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The Colour of Time Unravelling

Abstract composition of multi-coloured bars against orange background

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Man in forest clearing

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The Pool of Sorrows

Swamp with decayed tree trunks; black bird on branch at b.l.c.; beaver in water at c. middleground; Crucifix in trees at t.r., dense forest beyond swamp

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Portage at Deux Rivières

River bordered by steep cliffs; groups of people crossing lengthy footbridge which extends from top of cliff at l. down to water level at c. and up to top of cliff at r.

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Abstract composition in muted tones of grey, blue, pink and green; diamond shape at center of composition

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Tangled Roots

Abstract composition of brown, orange, red and ochre shapes against dark brown background

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Stage I Evolution 10

Abstract composition; blue spherical form at t.; black mass at l.; yellow mass at r.

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Abstract, multi-coloured composition

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