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Portrait d'un Enfant de Choeur

Portrait of young boy with red hair and brown eyes, wearing black and white choir gown

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La Plage

Abstraction of beach scene with sun bathers; grey and black striped beach umbrella at t.r.

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Little Ravine

Abstract composition

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Square Dance! Brownie Speaks

Diagonal composition of scattered pink, blue, turquoise and mauve bars and squares against brown background

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Watching for Daddy

A genre scene of a peasant woman with young girl standing in shallow water searching the horizon.

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The Shy Boy

View through window of small boy standing by corner of white frame building; building in middle of field; fir trees along horizon line

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The Round Barn, Mansonville

Round barn on grassy mound at center of composition; road and mailbox in foreground; rolling hills in background

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South at Perry Point

Trees in foreground; curving body of water in background

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Spring Thaw

River bordered by partially snow-covered banks; barren trees across t. and in b. foreground

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The Hills in Autumn

Rolling hills covered with autumn-leaved trees

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Algoma Country

Gnarled trees and rocks lining riverbank

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Hochelaga, Montreal

Bird's eye view of small town, nestled in hills

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Figures Cabalistiques #5

Abstract black formations on top of pale green and pink formations

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Upper Melbourne River

Large tree in b.r. foreground; branches at b.l.; river visible through branches

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On the Winnipeg River

Birds flying over river lined on either side with treed, rocky banks

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Still Life

Jug, bottles and fruit on table

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Harbour, Port of Spain

Various sailing vessels docked at harbour; buildings in background

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Georgian Bay

Gnarled trees in foreground; water behind

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S.S. Rivière du loup

Large, white ship at center of body of water; wharf in b.r. foreground

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Old Stone Houses, Quebec City

Row of stone houses; trees at b.l. foreground; man on roof of house at t.c.

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Boathouse: Bark Lake

Interior of boathouse through which doorway lake and far shore can be s seen; gasoline can and ladder in b.r. foreground

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2 large sailing vessels, beached on rocks; hills in background; small building at t.r.

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The Window

Four-paned window with plants on ledge of top 2 panes and 2 plants on bottom sill

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The Brook

Fence and grassy land in background; brook and rock in foreground

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From Head of Ontario Avenue Montreal, Looking S.W.

Bird's eye view of grassy, treed hill; roofs of city buildings beyond tree tops

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