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Self-Portrait (3 nudes)

Self-portrait with 3 nudes.

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Self-Portrait (bust)

Portrait of a man (bust)

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Self-Portrait (bust with 3 nudes)

Self-portrait (bust with 3 nudes).

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Self-Portrait (head and neck)

Portrait of a man (head and neck)

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A sketch of 7 trees.

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Tree Trunk & Nude

A nude female figure is in the extreme foreground and a large tree trunk is in the background.

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Reclining Nude

A head and torso of a reclining female nude.

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Hilly landscape

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A back view of a nude female.

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Stage Scene

This is a theatre scene containing in the extreme foreground; a rear view of two heads, in the middleground; other members of the audience and in the background; a female (?) figure on stage.

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Seated Nude

Seated nude female.

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Trees on flooded riverbank immersed in water

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After the Blizzard

Snow-covered trees in forest

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Village in Ontario

Outskirts of small village; heavy clouds overhead

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Portrait of a Man in Blue Coat

Portrait of man in powdered wig, wearing dark blue or green cloak over white shirt and brown waistcoat

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Two vases of pink roses on table

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John Hind

Man in grey hunting suit cradling rifle in arms stands before wooded landscape. Brown and white hunting dog stands poised at man's feet; 2 other dogs at right of man

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The Adoration of the Symbols of the Trinity

Circular compositions: cherubs floating around tunnel-like formation of cloud, center of which is diffused with light; group of cherubs at b.c. + foreground have open Bible in front of them.

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Blizzard at Twylight

3 story apartment building beyond barren trees; scattered snow flurries; fence in front of building

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Country House

House or cottage on hill, behind trees

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Abstraction; cityscape with river at b.c.r.

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A Hillside, Baie St. Paul

A farm with grazing horses in a valley

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Landscape with Oak Trees

Two massive oak trees at c. of landscape; one tree has turned to autumn colours

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Landscape with Crescent Moon

Landscape with crescent moon

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East Kildonan Woods, Autumn

Wooded landscape with trees in autumn tones

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