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The Food of Love

The piece consists of seven hanging cords, each of which bears a series of brass castings in the form of dishes and plates. The brass was hand cast by the artist in Pietrasanta, Italy. In performance, the sculpture becomes a percussion instrument to be played by the artist/musician.

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Fighters and Lovers

G-84-79: Male boxer - half figure; G-84-80: Male boxer - half figure; G-84-81: Male boxer - half figure; G-84-82: Male figure, young boy - half figure; G-84-83: Two male boxers; G-84-84: A couple kissing; G-84-85: Man and woman; G-84-86: A couple kissing; G-84-87: A couple kissing (G-84-86 and G-84-87 are a diptych); G-84-88: A couple kissing

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Breaking Screen

Two projectors throw slide dissolves onto a screen which together form the image of a house; image of a bed spinning in a room with polka-dot wallpaper is seen, the model of a bed of which we find spinning behind our backs; text accompanies the slides; Fracturing of the work occurs - house turns red, splits and comes together again

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Righteous Living

Installation composed of five works: 'Wise Blood', 'A Snake Finds A Place to Sleep and a Big Snake Leaves my Body Forever', 'Piling Blood', Six Pages From: 'The Sanctity of Blood', and 'Good Friday'. See individual documents for each work - G-89-277 a,b,c,d,e.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Indians from A to Z

An installation piece consisting of 26 individual parfleches made of linen and rawhide and painted in acrylic, placed on a ledge which is made of three pieces of plywood and also painted in acrylic (blue). Across top of ledge is a list of names of Native tribes, one beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The ledge is supported by six triangular pieces of Plexiglas

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37 hats which are suspended from a ceiling or displayed on mannequin heads

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Neon is used to depict a young boy. An image of a doctor, holding a stethoscope, emerges and disappears from behind a plastic curtain.

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Television Spots

Work consists of 12 photographs with 12 corresponding text panels and 12 corresponding videos for television on the colour videotape, with the following titles: Musical Vendor; Spectated Man; Sneeze; Male Naysayer; Female Naysayer; Lit Lot; My Attention; Answering Machine; No Problem; Funny Bus; Box Office; Slap Happy. Each photograph and its accompanying text panel are matted together. Each text panel describes in detail the corresponding video.

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The installation is comprised of three acrylic on canvas paintings hung on wallpaper-covered walls. Each painting is inscribed with the word AIDS which is a play on Robert Indiana's LOVE. The paintings are in bold colours - (a) red lettering on blue and green ground, (b) green lettering on red and purple ground, (c) dark blue lettering on yellow and red ground. The silkscreened wall paper is similarly coloured and repeats the word AIDS.

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Judge consists of an image of a boy sitting at a desk reading. This image is painted in white on a sheet of white Plexiglas and is lit from the ceiling with a flood light. After a few seconds, this light goes off and the lights behind the Plexiglas sheet turn on, at which point a hidden image of a judge sharing the boy's desk becomes visible. After a few seconds the light's reverse again and the judge disappears. This repeats continuosly.

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Volcano Saga

Volcano Saga is a installation consisting of the following: 12 drawings from the 'Maps and Birds' series with the individual titles as follows: Birds I, Birds II, Birds III, Birds IV, Birds V, Birds VI, Maps I, Maps II, Maps III, Maps IV, Maps V, and Maps VI. All the drawings are gouache, chalk, enamel, acrylic and fabric paint on paper; 7 cibachrome photographs titled as follows: Resonance, Buried Fence, Glacial Debris, Lava Flow, Shelter, Warm Lake and Inquisitive; 2 wall drawings which are also from the 'Maps and Birds' series which have been produced as a conceptual work and need to be projected onto a wall; videotape of Volcano Saga; sculpture which is in the shape of a ruler and made primarily of maple together with dye, varnish and enamel and also has an accompanying drawing of chalk and acrylic on canvas exhibited with it and entitled Vanishing Point (ruler); a sculpture using pieces of Quebec granite which is placed on the floor to simulate volcanic material and is entitled Vanishing Point (stone piece). Lines and circles of chalk have been drawn on some of the pieces of granite; three works conceived together and entitled Vista. It is composed of a drawing (fabric paint, chalk and gouache on paper) together with 2 pieces of silk fabric with an oak stand. The videotape of Volcano Saga is 28 minutes long. Titles of components and corresponding accession numbers: Birds I (G-94-51 a); Birds II (G-94-51 b); Birds III (G-94-51 c); Birds IV (g-94-51 d); Birds V (G-94-51 e); Birds VI (G-94-51 f); Maps I (G-94-51-g); Maps II (G-94-51 h); Maps III (G-94-51 i); Maps IV (G-94-51 j); Maps V (G-94-51 k); Maps VI (G-94-51 l); Resonance (G-94-51 m); Buried Fence (G-94-51 n); Glacial Debris (G-94-51 o); Lava Flow (G-94-51 p); Shelter (G-94-51 q); Warm Lake (G-94-51 r); Inquisitive (G-94-51 s); Drawing on Wall: Birds (G-94-51 t); Drawing on Wall: Maps (G-94-51 u); Volcano Saga videotape (G-94-51 v); Vanishing Point (two components: ruler, G-94-51 w and drawing, G-94-51 x); Vanishing Point (stone piece) (G-94-51 y); Vista (three components: drawing, white and red piece of silk: G-94-51 z,aa,bb)

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A Portrait of David

Installation consisting of 75 full-length portraits of men and boys who are named David, from ages 1 to 75. They are all posed with their hands clasped in front of them. Below each portrait is the title of the work and the age of the individual. All the portraits are of Winnipeg residents.

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Installation consists of a royal blue velvet backdrop which is suspended on a large, u-shaped rail. The rail has wooden spikes on end-like horns, and at three points (centre, 2 mid) which are set atop columns for support. In the velvet are studs and sparkles which represent 'constellations' used in navigation. In front of the backdrop, are 8 black, wood, rectangular panels (monoliths) embedded in a beach of sand. The panels have painted surfaces to ressemble burnished metal and are carved with erosion patterns. The panels are names as follows: Thirst, Storm, Turn, Home, Share, Heal, Honour, Spirit. There is a hole in 'Heal' panel surrounded by a swirl pattern that continues to all panels. There is a stuffed raven atop the 'Heal' panel. Standing before all this, is a metal podium with a painted glass support showing Buckminster Fuller's fluid geography map. Set upon curved forward section of podium, is an angled wooden shelf with an open book of images by the artists covered with plexiglas. Images that appear are a raven with noose, astrological charts, fish, tied bone, elemental images and a turtle.

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Dérives Noires Contigues I

Installation consists of three black and white silver prints, each of which depicts a tree, together with two wood and glass sculptures.

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A three channel video installation juxtaposing images of the Prairie landscape with images of Byzantine churches, grain elevators and farm auctions which examines Ukrainian culture in western Canada in addition to the Prairie landscape.

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Memories of a Collective Reality - Sour Springs

All the images are taken in Sour Springs, Ontario, Six Nations Reserve. G-97-316 a: wood-frame house which belonged to the artist’s grandmother; G-97-316 b: landscape with tree trunk in foreground; G-97-316 c: churchyard, where the artist’s father is buried, viewed through a window; G-97-316 d: pile of apples laying on the ground; g-97-316 e: head and shoulders portrait of the artist; G-97-316 f: interior with two windows; G-97-316 g: field with small trees and houses in the background; G-97-316 h: interior with chair; G-97-316 i: head and shoulders portrait of the artist’s uncle; G-97-316 j: landscape with row of trees; G-97-316 k: landscape with road; G-97-316 l: pole with street light on it; G-97-316 m: ground with shadows of trees on it; G-97-316 n: pool of water with trees reflected in it

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Paintings for Dimly Lit Rooms

Work consists of six untitled paintings which are numbered 1 to 6. Panel 1: River in foreground with buildings in background; Panel 2: River with boats in foreground and an island in the center; Panel 3: River in foreground, trees in background with a figure standing a lower right; Panel 4: Landscape with river and waterfall; Panel 5: Numerous standing figures among trees; Panel 6: Three figures on a path flanked on either side by row of trees

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Storyteller III. 1-9

The slides have been erased and their emulsions and frames gessoed white and painted Mars black and reframed in poplar frames. They are hung in lines or grids. The work may have the additional installation component of slide projectors that emit light on an opposite or adjoining wall.

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Sanctum Sanctorum

Installation piece consisting of a freestanding, cruciform closet. The closet contains the belongings and clothing of its owner. A door to the back of the closet leads to an inner room. The inner room consists of a small sleeping area: a small bed, side table, oil lamp, army rations and covered pail.

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Buffalo Bone China

Installation consists of eight antique finish industrial stanchions, red rope and nylon ribbons, 60 pounds of smashed British fine bone china and two copies of the video on a one hour loop. The centre of the installation is a pile of fractured British fine bone china placed inside a circle that has been constructed by red rope and stanchions. The centre represents a metaphoric sacred circle with the four gates facing the four directions. The “bones” have been placed in the circle and honoured. The video projection is on a one hour loop continuously playing the 8-minute video titled Buffalo Bone China. This short video studies the movement and form of the buffalo and further, their extermination. Eventually, the fine bone china is regenerated by the touch of Indian hair and healing hands. An Indian man welcomes the buffalo back from the bones.

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Snow on Steps

Almost-to-full scale model of the front porch and steps of the artist’s home in London, Ontario. Simulated snow on the steps and porch on which are imprints of footsteps approaching and leaving the door.

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I really should ...

The artist has covered the front of the refrigerator with a series of statements, handwritten in Magic Marker, all beginning with “I really should”. The work was created at The Winnipeg Art Gallery by the artist for her exhibition Important Instructions For Changing the World, (April 5 - September 16, 2001)

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Visible Difference

Five etched glass disks, each with a portrait of a man, are laid out on the floor. Each disk is supported on one side by a book.

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Final Moments - Thinking Of You

Twelve piece photography installation depicting various scenes as follows: stormy sky with grey clouds and evergreens, seascape, flames, forest floor with grass, rocks, wood and flowers and what appears to be an extreme close-up of white, patterned beading.

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Out to Dry

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