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The Agony in the Garden

Mythological winged figure at left, chalice in right hand; kneeling figure in flowing robes at right; cluster of three figures at bottom left

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Untitled (abstract)


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Lesser Orbits

Jagged geometric forms within a circle.

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Prairie Trail #2

Trail over a prairie done in an abstract fashion by drawing many vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines to form sky and rain falling from clouds

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Old Houses in France

View of the side and front of a house on a street corner; Not much delineation - a quick sketch

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View near Banff

View of mountains

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Pierre Le Grand (Peter the Great)

Waist-length portrait of Peter the Great, of Russia, in a ceremonial robe, with his hand resting on a crown. Below the portrait, is a coat-of-arms.

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Assiniboine Indian with Pipe

Waist-length portrait of an Assiniboine Indian holding a pipe

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The Village Blacksmith

Blacksmith, nude from the waist up, working at a forge

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Seated Woman Teacher with Three Students

Seated female teacher, together with three children, in a school room

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Seated Male Teacher with Truant Pupil

Dejected pupil standing in front of a seated male teacher in a school room

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Le Chateau d'If

Le Chateau d'If surrounded by a high wall, with many turrets, on a rocky island. Sailboats to the left and in the distance

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A Glacial Lake

Glacial lake surrounded by jagged rock & ice; glacier covered mountians in background

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Alice Smith (Noch - Tsil) (Medicine Woman)

Portrait of a First Nations, West Coast woman in plaid blanket and pink head scarf

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Jake Fowler

Portrait of young First Nations, West Coast boy in blue and beige sweater

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Luke Fowler (Wee-Ha)

Portrait of First Nations, West Coast man in beige shirt, red neck scarf and black hat

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Peter John (Gughwaut)

Portrait of First Nations, West Coast man in blue shirt, black jacket and grey hat

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Chieftess of Kuldo

Profile portrait of First Nations, West Coast woman with yellow head scarf in blue background

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Lydia Wilson (Gip Ganow)

Portrait of young First Nations, West Coast Indian woman

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Two Seated Figures Drinking Wine

Two men sitting cross-legged, arms around one another, sharing a glass of wine

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Greek Gods - Diana, Venus

Seven mythological figures, including Diana and Venus

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Europa with Cupids

Europa on bull surrounded by cupids

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Portrait of Gertrude Leduc

Portrait bust of a young girl, Gertrude Leduc, the artist's niece

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Eggs and Tools

Eggs laying a rocky landscape and are filled with miniature images of stencil rollers, files, hammers for carving, needles for sewing, traditional hunting implements, ulus, and other old and new items.

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Shop Gifes

An assortment of caps with lettering on them scattered on a low table. For example one cap has ‘Shut Up!’ on it and another has ‘and you said red bananas’. A figure is laying face down flanked by green rocks. In the background is a landscape with igloos. The title of the work is hand-lettered in the top left of the image: Shop Gifes [sic]

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