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Tomb figurine (camel)

A Bactrian camel standing with its head coiled back, emphasizing an elegant ā€œSā€ curve to its neck. The position of the neck and head suggests the camel is about to bray. Some of the original pigment (green, red, white, manganese) still remains, demarcating the saddle blanket on its back and decorative markings over its hide.

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Amphora vase

Twin-handled, amphora-shaped vase with globular body and flared, extended neck. A pair of cobalt-blue handles span from the shoulder of the vessel to the lower third of the nectk. The decoration is transfer printed in underglaze black, finished with handpainted, overglaze, polychrome enamels in blue, green and yellow. The front and rear of the vessel features an overall pattern of leaves, seed pods and large yellow chrysanthemum heads. Running vertically down the sides of the vessel is a border of repeating blue chrysanthemum heads; a band of large chevrons with partial leaf motifs is found at the rim. The vase features a slight, everted foot.

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Baluster vase

Baluster-shaped vase with no foot rim and short, straight neck. Largely white ground, with Rouen-style decoration featuring stylized shells, volutes and arabesques[vegetal]. Use of transfer prints in underglaze blue to outline pattern wtih blue, red and green overglaze enamels later hand painted. Banding at the foot, shoulder and neck with simple cusped ornamentation. Decoration references the decorative Rococo style of France, c. 1715-1750.

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