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"Canadian Modern (1910-1979)"

Sombre Isle of Pic, Lake Superior

Rocks and decayed trees in foreground; water and band of rock in background

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Clouds, Lake Superior

Large bank of fluffy clouds over Lake Superior; sun reflected on water; rocks in foreground

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Larger than life-size woman with straight hair, wearing a plain, close - fitting, short-sleeved dress; she stands barefoot with her hands behind her, unclasped

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Wall for Hammurabi

Multi-coloured abstraction with fossil-like images overall

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Rouge sur noir

An abstract composition of mottled red mass against a black background. There is a vertical black bar from top to bottom at centre.

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Summer Dresses

Back of 3 women (in summer dress) crossing intersection; traffic light stand at t.l.

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Lake Massawippi

Horse grazing in pasture at b.l., tree-lined lake at middleground; rolling hills in background

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La Rosse-qui-dételle

Horse or donkey harnessed to small, wooden cart which the animal has overturned by kicking up its hind legs

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Kitchen Door with Ursula

View of residential street through open doorway; at b.l. young girl in pink top sits on bench reading, on balcony beyond doorway

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Seriel Bleu-Rose

Vertical, multi-coloured stripes

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Le Petit Avion

Abstract; red and green figure at left, against red and green background; yellow at red object at right, against blue background; black tower-shaped object divides the 2 sides of the work

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Prof. Felix Walter

A man, Professor Felix Walter, in a dark blue suit with red tie sitting with legs crossed; elbows resting on arms of chair; hands hanging casually over knees; painting of lush, green, farm field behind man's head

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View from the Artist's Bedroom Window, Jericho Beach

Bird's eye view of Jericho Beach beach and water from window; window ledge at bottom; window panes opening outward at l. and r.

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Rétine 999

Optical composition of black and white bars

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Large Mother and Child

Geometric abstract of woman cradling child in her arms

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October Evening

Vivid blue lake at b.c. foreground surrounded by rolling hills with trees in autumn colours

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Bird's eye view of lushly treed, rolling hills in vivid shades of green, interspersed with barren trees throughout

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Large white swirls over black background

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Breast Nest Pressers for the Perching Birds of Canada

A wood cabinet with four large sections composed of 182 detachable cloth eggs of various sizes used for moulding the inside of nests; Beneath is a narrow shelf for bird manuals, some compiled into booklets which are removable; Below is a row of ten drawers containing loose and packaged material (grasses, mud pellets, feathers, leaves, moss,etc.) for building bird's nests

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Seascape with snow and wind streaks gouged out of the plywood; applied in the center - a painted metal iceberg

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Heavy impasto abstract in primarily gray and white, with black and some red and green

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Painted in Riopelle's "tachiste" ground delicately overlaid with a tracery of dribbles

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Wo Ist Ein Zigarrengeschaft?

A cubist rendition of a male figure in a straw-hat-style hat

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A collage and montage constructed of words, numbers, paper hatched with graphite, cards which are shoemaker's order forms (on which have been typewritten all the necessary professional specifications) and pins on a panel made of two slabs of Ten-Test, on a sheet of plywood. The surrounding area of graphic surfaces was submerged in a wash of encaustic and the encaustic was incised with graffiti.

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Noon and Skirt

The figure, striding to the right, is painted in yellow and green hard edge stripes and is wearing a skirt made of a cut-out covered with brown fabric.

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