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"Canadian Modern (1910-1979)"


Flame cut steel dog; flexible steel cable; steel anchor posts; dog collar and chain. A full size silhouette of a seated German Shepherd that sits outside a large ellipse of steel cable.

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Red Hook

Red hook on green background

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Abstract composition featuring large areas of red on white background; scattered randomly on the red areas are blue, green and purple dots of paint

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Blue, green, ochre, oranges and yellows

Six horizontal bands of colour from top to bottom as follows: blue, ochre, yellow, yellow, green and orange

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Work consists of two unframed circular paintings. One painting features a solid brown circle with blue edging; the other a solid green circle with blue edging

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Nude female torso

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Sky Location

Rectangular work which is all blue except for the top right corner. The corner has “L-shaped” white, yellow, brown, red and violet areas of colour.

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Les Parques

A portrait of three seated, contemporary, female figures of different ages, each looking directly out at the viewer. On the left is a young girl with long hair held in place with a white headband wearing a white short-sleeved dress. A spindle is visible immediately behind her. In the centre is a middle-aged woman with brown hair pulled back off her face, wearing a red, long-sleeved dress and a pearl necklace. She holds a thread in her right hand. To the right is an older woman with gray hair who is wearing a black dress. She holds a pair of scissors in her hand, getting ready to cut the thread. Les Parques or the Fates were the three divinities of a mythological pagan hell. Clotho held the spindle, Lachesis turned the thread around the spindle and Atropos cut the thread. Together they wove men's lives.

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World Painting #17

Abstract composition formed by filling the canvas with "N" shapes which are all uniform in size and are composed of one vertical upstroke, one diagonal and one vertical downstroke. Each stroke is a single colour, chosen from a palette of eight colours with the white canvas showing through behind the strokes.

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Zaporozhian Cossacks

The painting may be viewed in two halves. To the left, are images of war and conflict. There is black crow on the roof of the house. To the right of the painting, is sunlight, birds singing, dancing and merriment. Taras Bulba is standing in the middle of the painting with a contemplative manner. One of Taras' sons is before his father in a supplicant pose. A musician is playing a balalaika. Another man is petting a dog.

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Arrow Dynamics

Abstract composition in red, green and white.

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Farmer's Daughter

Portrait of young girl with auburn hair, white blouse and navy tunic; rolling, treed hills in background

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Interior with Paintings

Woman sitting in rocking chair reading book; large, round table at right; straight backed chair behind rocker, at left; paintings on wall

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Abstract: Green and Gold

An abstract composition of sphere-shaped objects in hues of green and gold

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Lake O'Hara

Bird's eye view of Lake O'Hara, surrounded by mountains.

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Poplar Woods (Poplars)

A large, bare, gnarled poplar tree in the foreground with numerous leafless trees in background.

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Self-Portrait with Jane

Nude female child standing up, being supported by a nude woman whose head is not visible. Numerous small figures peering out of windows in background at right side of composition.

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Fir trees in middleground and background;stumps in foreground

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Serenity, Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods, Ontario; buildings on a far shore; treed islands in right foreground

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Sounds Assembling

Abstract composition; sharply angled geometric design in tones of bright orange, yellow, green and blue in foreground; Background whorls of blue, mauve, plum; Neutral-coloured star forms a focal point for mauve tones leading to it and meeting there.

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Femmes de Caughnawaga

Three women, two of whom are walking side by side at front and one walking behind. All are wearing hooded cloaks wrapped securely around them; two figures at front carry baskets and cloth-wrapped bundles

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Early Snow

Trees in a snowy landscape

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