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Portrait of a Lady

Head and shoulders portrait of young woman in black dress with white collar (oval shaped inner frame)

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Autumn Landscape

Rapids in foreground; trees and mountains in background

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Man in forest clearing

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Young Woman with White Cap

Young woman in black dress with white cap

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Portrait of Michael Peter Empey

Portrait of young man

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Portrait of a Little Girl

Portrait of a young girl seated with her hands clasped on her lap.

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Rocky Mountain Scene

Lake at centre foreground, surrounded by green rolling hills. Snow covered mountains in background. Three buildings in middleground, also steam engine at right middleground.

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A plaster roundel with a head and shoulders profile portrait of a young girl.

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The Home Lesson

Two women seated at a table. One woman is reading what appears to be a letter; the other is reading a book

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Flower Study

Floral still life

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Clearing a Field

A farmer clearing a field with horse and cart.

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Easter Morning, La Petite Penitente, Brittany

Young peasant woman sitting on bench, holding rosary in hands on her lap; Bible at her right side; wooden clogs at bottom left

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Five bison grazing at edge of lake. Shadowy hills in distance left. Evening sky with two gulls flying at left.

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The Story

Five boys in hay loft; one gesturing, telling story to other four

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Near the Close of a Stormy Day

Large fallen trees with gnarled branches at bottom right; two cows standing by tree; river and tree-lined far shore at middleground; two large trees at left and right middleground which border rivulet at centre of composition; very dark, overcast sky

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Montmorency Falls, Summer

Foreground: rocky cliff with large tree; in background, man fishing at base of Montmorency Falls

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Montmorency Falls, Winter

Horse-drawn sleighs, groups of people on frozen river, by Montmorency Falls

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Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of young girl with dark brown hair in light green top

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C.P.R. Station in the Rockies

Small log cabin train station at b.l.; train on tracks at c.; fir trees at r.; snow-covered mountains in background; scattered people in front of train station

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Bilking the Toll

3 men on horse-drawn sleigh "bilking the toll"

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Portrait of Mr. A.W. Ogilvie

Portrait of Mr. A.W. Ogilvie who owned the Ogilvie flour mills in Winnipeg

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The Building of Fort William

Landscape with mountain in background and lake in foreground, with logs washed up on shore. Men in a boat near the shore bringing in more logs. 2 figures in a canoe near the shoreline.

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Wharf Beaupré

Sailboats at the wharf in Beaupre, Quebec

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Indian Teepees

River in bottom foreground; two teepees on riverbank at left centre middleground; three teepees at right centre background

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Irish Emigrant

Young man in tattered beige coat/jacket with walking stick, from which basket hangs, over his left shoulder

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