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Snow on Steps

Almost-to-full scale model of the front porch and steps of the artist’s home in London, Ontario. Simulated snow on the steps and porch on which are imprints of footsteps approaching and leaving the door.

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House of Tea

A life-size, female figure, without a head or feet, floats above an open coffin.

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Sandy Bay

Work consists of three large oils on panel: [a] Residential School [b] dark blue panel [c] red panel together with a colour photograph on masonite [d] [priest] and a black and white photograph on masonite [e] [children). The two photographs (the colour one hung above the black and white) are hung to the left of the oil depicting the residential school. The dark blue panel is hung between the image of the residential school and the red panel. The colour photograph depicts a priest standing in front of a grotto in which contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. In the black and white photo, are boys and girls on the stairs of the residential school in their first communion outfits. The residential school is depicted on one of the large oils, while the other two panels are executed in dark blue and red respectively. The red panel has a horizontal splash of green at the centre.

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Floor sculpture consisting of 14, freestanding pieces of high-fired clay in various shapes and sizes with differing types of stains.

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Octopus and Hunter

A hunter, executed in brown, holding a spear and in the process of killing a red octupus with a large green eye.

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I really should ...

The artist has covered the front of the refrigerator with a series of statements, handwritten in Magic Marker, all beginning with “I really should”. The work was created at The Winnipeg Art Gallery by the artist for her exhibition Important Instructions For Changing the World, (April 5 - September 16, 2001)

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Lucky Bunny

Two young girls covered by fur coats who appear to be nude underneath. In front of the girls are two rabbits: one live, one stuffed. The stuffed rabbit is holding a bottle of champagne. Above the girls hangs a fox. Just below the fox is a draped curtain.

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Scrap Bay

Piles of scrap metal inside the Gerdau MRM Steel, Selkirk, Manitoba. Prominent among the scrap are large, steel, boxcar wheels.

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Out to Dry

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Water Piece

The work consists of a series of images - a divining rod, a coiled rope emitting seagull cries, a young man floating in a life jacket, and a fountain - under the textual heading, "John's father was fountain of information". These images rotate around a central image: an adult male and child going out in the rain (with mother's approval, says the audio tape).

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Reactor Core

36 sealed Pyrex tubes each filled with unique species of seed such as carrots, beets, corn, wheat

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German Shorthaired Pointer dog with an air purifier - fan and vents - built into its chest

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The Procession of the Aurora Borealis

An installation work in three units comprised of three carts of molded snow bearing gifts: a tree stripped bare, more snow and a sled with dream catchers made of chemical bottles, copper cylinders and a network of tubes and wires. Piles of green and pink crushed glass fill the bottom of each chemical bottle. The entire work is placed on wheels.

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Look at Me

A bare room except for what may be the frame of a wooden bed

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Girl with Red Shirt

Head and shoulders portrait of a young girl with blonde hair and wearing a red shirt

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Sleeping Giant

Semi-abstract composition with references to landforms and sky inspired by the "Sleeping Giant" rock formation of Thunder Bay, Ontario

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need eep

Half human figure, with long blond hair, stands knee-deep in frigid water, with underwear sagging, hunched over in resignation to the entrails exploding from its stomach.

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Good Boy

Various male athletes climbing, exercising, working out on parallel bars

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Brando as Napoleon

Portrait of Marlon Brando as Napoleon

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