Gallery Staff

Directorate & Capital Campaign

Director & CEO
Stephen Borys

Executive Officer
Maxine Bock

Capital Campaign Director
Katarina Kupca

Capital Campaign Assistant
Melanie Foubert

Community Campaign Coordinator
Patricia West

Inuit Art Centre Project Manager
Rick Chopp

Learning & Programs

general inquiries

Head of Learning & Programs
Rachel Baerg

Learning & Programs Coordinator 
Colleen Leduc

Learning & Programs Coordinator 
Aline Halischak

Learning & Programs Coordinator 
Cara Mason

Learning & Programs Administrator
Carolyne Kroeker

Learning & Programs Administrator
Marybeth Dirks

Learning & Programs Administrator
Sarah Lamontagne-Rougeau


Finance and Administration

Deputy Director & CFO
Bill Elliott

Finance Manager
Hugh Hansen

Finance Supervisor
Jayne Colter

Finance Administrator
Elaine Jasson

The Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Andrea Cibinel and Esme Scarlett

Associates Assistant
Kathy Kushpel

Engagement & Advancement

Head of Engagement & Advancement 
Catherine Maksymiuk

Manager of Indigenous Initiatives
Julia Lafreniere

Engagement & Advancement Assistant
Kelsey Funk

Advancement Supervisor
Taylor Goodson

Advancement Administrator
Elizabeth Wiens

Engagement Supervisor
Amy Rebecca Harrison

Engagement Officer 
Amber O'Reilly

Digital Media Administrator
Katryna Barske

Mike Carroll

Collections & Exhibitions

Head of Collections & Exhibitions and Curator of Canadian Art
Riva Symko

Exhibitions & Museum Services Assistant
Ellen Plouffe

Curator of Inuit Art
Darlene Coward Wight

Curator of Indigenous and Contemporary Art
Jaimie Isaac

Assistant Curator of Inuit Art
Jocelyn Piirainen

Exhibitions & Loans Administrator 
Mandy Hyatt

Collections Coordinator
Nicole Fletcher

Visitor & Museum Services

Head of Visitor & Museum Services
Radovan Radulovic

Retail Operation Manager
Sherri Van Went

Retail Operations Administrator 
Brigitte Plouffe

Manager of Human Resources
Mike Malyk

Rental Coordinator
Doren Roberts

Vitaliy Yatsevych

AV Administrator
Jake Gordon

Building Maintenance Coordinator
Mike Nosol

Security Supervisor
Chuks Enyia

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