Wanda Koop Exhibition at the WAG Incorporates Dance Performance

The climax of the exhibition Wanda Koop…On the Edge of Experience, opening at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on September 11, is the installation piece Hybrid Human, a dance performance exploring the constructed notion of robots and ideas around the disembodied experience, consciousness, creativity, alien intelligence, and artificial life.

Hybrid Human incorporates Koop’s paintings, video projections, and the contemporary dance movement of noted choreographer Jolene Bailie, set against a sound piece by Susan Chafe and lighting design by Hugh Conacher. There will be live dance performances at the September 25 Nuit Blanche public opening of Wanda Koop…On the Edge of Experience, and at 8pm on Wednesday, November 10; Friday, November 12; and Saturday, November 13. Admission is $20 for WAG members, $25 for adults, and $15 for students. Tickets are available at the WAG information desk.

“A recent conceptual breakthrough for Koop has centered on the notion of the screen,” says Mary Reid, Curator of Contemporary Art and Photography. “Contemporary living is dominated by watching a screen—cell phone, computer, movie, television. They all filter information, they’re how we make sense of our world. For Koop, a painting is another type of screen that holds a potential to morph into a mirror. As we look into her paintings, we catch ourselves looking back at our own reflection.”

Koop compares dancing and painting. “Dancing…is a visual art, a translation of the body into visual form and display. Painting is…a lot like dance. It’s physical and often choreographic.”

Hybrid Human is supported by the Winnipeg Arts Council New Creations Grant, the Manitoba Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Wanda Koop…On the Edge of Experience has been organized by the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada.



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