800 Children Featured in WAG Exhibition

 It’s fun, exuberant, colourful. It features work by hundreds of children. It’s Through the Eyes of a Child, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s annual exhibition featuring work by children and teens who have taken fall and winter art classes at the WAG. The exhibition runs from March 27 to May 2.

The 800 or so young artists range from 5 to 17 years of age, and reflect a wide array of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The work on display is tangible proof of the dynamic energy that flourishes in the WAG’s Studio Programs and of the importance the Gallery places on nurturing and appreciating creativity in our youth.

“Children’s art has a natural power and dignity, a fearlessness and honesty that is characteristic of the young mind,” says Michael Boss, Head of Studio Programs. “It pours out, unedited, onto the paper or into the clay. There is a freshness and vitality that shines through children’s art and engages us in many ways. It is difficult to not be struck, charmed, and inspired by the exuberance and sincerity with which children perceive and describe the world they are coming to know. Those of us who work with children on a regular basis are fortunate to catch many glimpses of what it is like to see through their eyes.”

The Winnipeg Art Gallery first began providing art instruction for adults in 1913 in association with the University of Manitoba School of Art. The Saturday Morning art classes for children began in 1936, and today Studio Programs is now one of the largest programs of its kind in Canada.

Registration for spring art classes for children and adults begins March 15 for 10-week classes running from April to June.

Exhibition sponsored by Great-West Life. Supported by Winnipeg School Division and the Volunteer Associates of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.



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