35 x 41-foot Artwork to be Installed on WAG Building Tonight!


New installation by Winnipeg artist Kenneth Lavallee is part of INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE exhibit

Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 16, 2017: The Winnipeg Art Gallery invites you to witness the unveiling of Creation Story, a new artwork by Kenneth Lavallee and the first piece to be installed from the INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE exhibition. Opening September 22, INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE brings together 28 emerging to established Indigenous artists from across Canada – a new generation pushing boundaries with their work. This groundbreaking exhibition is taking over 10,000 square feet both inside and outside of the Gallery, including installations that respond to the WAG building and 12 commissioned works.

Lavallee’s Creation Story depicts fire in a water motif to contrast the iconic WAG building. The artist draws parallels between North American Indigenous mythology and Greek mythology by comparing Ojibwe legends of Nanabush/Nanabozho to the Golden Boy atop the Manitoba Legislative Building, rising above the river.

WHAT: Installation of new Kenneth Lavallee artwork on exterior of WAG building

WHEN:  Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 7:15pm (estimated time of install)

WHO: Kenneth Lavallee, Winnipeg, MB artist, @kennethlavallee

WHERE: Front Ramp, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Blvd, Winnipeg, MB

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Learn more about artist Kenneth Lavallee here.


Catherine Maksymiuk
Manager, Media & Marketing
Winnipeg Art Gallery

Tammy Sawatzky
Public Relations Coordinator
Winnipeg Art Gallery

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