WAG Student Art Board Stages First Event


The Winnipeg Art Gallery’s newly formed Student Art Board will stage its first event at 7:00pm, on Thursday, December 17, exploring and interpreting stories inspired by works on view in the EUROfix exhibition. Although STORYfix is created by teenagers, children and adults of all ages will find the evening entertaining and informative.

The Student Art Board provides young people between the ages of 15 to 18 with the opportunity to explore their creativity and design their own WAG-inspired events, while earning a high-school volunteer credit. Nominated by their schools, the students meet regularly with WAG staff to discuss and implement programs and events aimed at a teen audience.

“The WAG has programs such as Art for Lunch and Art After Dark to engage adults, and Family Sunday and Young Weekends aimed at younger children,” explains Aline Frechette, Youth Programs Coordinator. “School Programs tours, although interactive and informative, are not initiated by the teens themselves. The Student Art Board offers this age group the chance to create their own programs, getting involved in projects that speak to them. As they plan events, members of the Student Art Board will gain valuable leadership and organizational skills working alongside WAG staff, and, we hope, create a lifelong bond with the Gallery and its collection.”

“We are delighted to be able to expand our audience in this way,” states WAG Director Stephen Borys. “Programs aimed specifically at, and organized by, teenagers will bring unique and fresh ideas to the Gallery.”



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