WAG Goes Abstract with New Exhibition

Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16, 2015: The Winnipeg Art Gallery is pleased to feature Abstract Objectives: Painting and Sculpture, 1950 – Present, an exhibition of work drawn from the WAG’s permanent collection. On view until spring 2016, the show brings together distinctive, large-scale paintings and a selection of sculptures that explore colour and shape, sometimes challenging common assumptions of abstract art.

Abstract Objectives includes work by mostly Canadian artists that underlines some of the shifting parameters and motivations that shaped abstract art over the past 60 years,” states Dr. Stephen Borys, WAG Director & CEO. “The mix of old and new takes the visitor on an exciting journey. The sheer size of the canvases brings back memories of Salvador Dalí’s Santiago El Grande.”

Since its start around the turn of the last century, modern abstraction in the Western art world covers a broad range of approaches, intentions, and associations.

“In the decades that followed World War II, abstract art went from being largely misunderstood to a dominant mode of creative expression embraced or acknowledged by artists, art museums, and much of the general public,” adds exhibition curator, Andrew Kear, WAG Curator of Historical Canadian Art.

The increasing popularity of abstract painting and sculpture through the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st has bred heterogeneity. Historically, abstraction was construed as a vehicle for heroic self-expression, a site of spontaneous psychic revelation, an agent of aesthetic purification, a perceptual stimulator, and a documentary record of repetitive processes. Even today, the look of abstract art is being redrawn, its motivations reconceived, and its objectives re-evaluated.

Featured artists include: Jean-Paul Riopelle, Paterson Ewen, Harold Town, Jack Bush, Harry Kiyooka, Yves Gaucher, Chris Dorosz, David Craven, Irene Whittome, Kazuo Nakamua, Jack Goldstein, Robert Houle, Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline, Sol LeWitt, Jean (Hans) Arp, Yves Klein, Gershon Iskowitz, Paul Hutner, John Will.

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