Cuban Film Festival at the WAG

 In conjunction with the exhibition Cuba Avant-Garde: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Farber Collection, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is presenting a festival of contemporary Cuban films. They will be screened in the Muriel Richardson Auditorium at 2pm on selected Saturdays, and are included with the price of Gallery admission. Cuba Avant-Garde: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Farber Collection continues at the WAG until January 10.

Vampiros en La Habana! (Vampires in Havana)
October 24, 2 pm
Running time: 80 min • Rating:14 A • Spanish with English subtitles
A scientist invents a potion that allows vampires to be able to live under the rays of the sun. When the word gets out, the American and East European vampires battle to gain control of the potion.

Waiting List (Lista de espera)
November 7, 2p
Running time: 97 minutes • Rating: PG • Spanish with English subtitles
A desperate group of people wait at a rundown Cuban transit station for the next bus to arrive. While a number of buses pass by the station, and others that are either full or at the end of the line stop by, it soon becomes obvious that the bus everyone was waiting for has left them high and dry. The would-be passengers decide that if they're stuck without anywhere to go, they might as well make the station a better place to wait, and they begin forming a plan to turn the decrepit bus terminal into a showplace that people would look forward to visiting.

Life Is to Whistle (Spanish: La Vida es Silbar)
November 21, 2p
Running time:106 min • Rating: pending • Spanish with English subtitles
The film tells the stories of three end-of-the millennium Cubans, whose lives intersect on the Day of Santa Barbara (the African Saint Chango, ruler of destinies). The film dazzles with a uniquely Cuban blend of absurdist humour and mystical realism. Director Fernando Perez stands apart from his Cuban counterparts for his ability to portray human dilemmas in quirky, unpredictable ways. He gives the jaded lives of his characters a new significance through his whimsical, exuberant vision. The film gathered several awards on the international film festival circuit.

Habana Blues (Havana Blues)
December 19, 2pm

Running time: 106 minutes • Classification: 14 A • Not recommended for children • Spanish with English subtitles
This 2005 Spanish/Cuban film by Benito Zambrano tells the story of two young musicians in Cuba. The film revolves around their music and contains criticism of problems in Cuba such as poverty and electricity outages. Art versus commerce, nationalism versus globalism, and communism versus capitalism are some of the themes of the film.



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