WAG Signs Educational Memo of Understanding with Province

On Tuesday, June 10, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Education and Advanced Learning department of the Province of Manitoba will sign a Memorandum of Understanding in support of shared visual arts education for youth. They will be working together to ensure that every student has the opportunity to become artistically literate, to experience active art-making, and to think critically and creatively.

The signing will take place Tuesday, June 10 at 12:15pm at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

“The Winnipeg Art Gallery has developed high quality programs for schools that recognize the importance of visual arts education and literacy,” says Stephen Borys, Director & CEO. “We are seeing a steady increase in the number of school tours—7538 in the 2012-13 academic year, 8152 in the 2013-14 year—and we expect that in three years’ time we will see over 12,000 students per year. With the creation of the Inuit Art Centre, we are anticipating that number to grow to 15,000 students over the next five years.”

The WAG’s education department offers a number of core programs for early, middle, and senior year, aligned within the framework of outcomes stipulated by Education and Advanced Learning Curriculum. New programs are being developed in connection with specific learning outcomes of various curriculum areas, including visual arts, math, English and French language arts, and social studies. This project will be completed by spring 2015.

“Cross-curricular learning is an area of strength for our Education department, and over the next two years we will be adding to these programs to include tours specifically related to social studies, human rights, Indigenous art and education and science,” says Borys. “We are also working to increase our online resources for teachers and classrooms. By early 2015 we expect to have digital resource kits focused on visual arts education, basic visual literacy, Indigenous art, and the WAG’S collection. The kits will be available for teachers to download and use in the classroom free of charge.”

More than 50% of the WAG’s collection is comprised of works by Inuit artists and the Gallery will be working to assess our current programs in collaboration with Inuit educators and staff of Education and Advanced Learning.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is a cultural advocate – a lens and forum – helping people see and experience more through art. Playing a vital role in the community, engaging and enriching people of all ages and backgrounds through art and culture, the Winnipeg Art Gallery thrives as a creative, innovative, and accessible place for learning, discovery, and inspiration.

For more information, please contact:
Tammy Sawatzky
Public Relations Coordinator



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