WAG Talk on Inuit Prints

Inuit Prints: Japanese Inspiration, currently on view at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, is a groundbreaking inquiry into Japanese influences in the early years of the Cape Dorset print studio. On May 30, Dr. Norman Vorano, the Curator of Contemporary Inuit Art at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and curator of the exhibition, will give a talk at the WAG. It will take place as part of the Art for Lunch program at 12:10pm and is included with the cost of Gallery admission.

“Remarkably, over the past fifty years no historian has systematically researched the link between Inuit and Japanese printmakers,” says Vorano. “Our exhibition presents not only some of the first Inuit prints ever made, but the actual Japanese prints that were brought to the Arctic in 1959 after Houston returned to Canada from studying in Japan.  This exhibition is really a story about culture and globalization in the mid-twentieth century--the increasing flow of people, goods, and ideas around the globe. The curatorial team--myself, Ming Tiampo (Carleton University) and Asato Ikeda (UBC)--- made some exciting discoveries during the two years it took us to research this project.” 

A graduate of the Program in Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester, NY, Norman Vorano has published widely on contemporary Inuit artists and Arctic visual culture.  His most recent exhibition and catalogue, Inuit Prints, Japanese Inspiration: Early Printmaking in the Canadian Arctic, examines the linkage between Japanese modern printmaking and the Cape Dorset print studio in the late 1950s.  He is currently producing a book on the development of Inuit sculpture in the mid-20th century, critically examining the art-world discourses, institutional practices and the key cultural brokers who played an influential role in shaping the public face and marketing of Inuit art.  He is an Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University and sits on the board of the Native American Art Studies Association.

Inuit Prints, Japanese Inspiration is a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.




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